Friday, 21 July 2017

Put on a happy face


There's been a lot to be blue about this past week.
The rain on Saturday

But that was a good excuse to use my charity shop find brolly

And it didn't stop us having fun at the Ulvertson Vintage weekend with friends

I nabbed this handmade bag for £2.  I know how much work goes into making these as some of my friends who are in the Embroiderers Guild made them 

Sunday we found lots of sunshine and flowers and a matching brooch which I am wearing with the vintage jumper and skirt from friend Vix of Kinky Melons Retro Boutique

Got my monies worth out of my brooch and teamed it with a crimplene top and secondhand skirt

Tuesday was a funeral and as I never wear black figured my 50's two piece would do the job and my dobbing big diamond clasp fake snake skin bag

By Wednesday it was warm enough for a patchwork cotton dress with a cardi

Then blow me Thursday I'm back in my thick tights and a jacket 

I didn't give in to wearing boots though. I love this outfit as it cost me all of £10  for the jacket, dress and basket

Grey skies are gonna clear up
Put on a happy face
Brush off the clouds and cheer up
Put on a happy face
And spread sunshine all over the place
Just put on a happy face

I'll leave you with that ear worm those of you who are old enough to remember it

Lynn xx

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  1. The rain has been so welcomed by the gardens that I've even smiled about that this week plus it made it a little cooler for all the work I've had to do. Loving the fashions this week Lynn. You know how to combine colours etc so well.
    Annie x

  2. Love the look and those blue sandles

  3. Oh I so love your vintage outfits! Lovely! And you have a way of putting everything together so well.
    The embroidered bag is beautiful!
    And the song at the end had me singing it and now I can't get it out of my head!
    Have a lovely weekend and a good week ahead,

  4. Funny how finds trend in color - that happens to me quite often.
    Love your term for umbrella "brolly."

  5. So much gorgeousness in one post! Your brolly will cheer up a rainy day no end. I love the embroidered bag and the flower brooch, and absolutely covet your 50's two-piece and that amazing jacket you wore on Thursday! xxx

  6. It's a while since I saw any proper rain, but I did buy the cheapest umbrella I could find when I was in UK a couple of weeks ago.
    You obviously had a good time at the vintage fair. I am glad you found some items to make you happy. Keep smiling. Kate x

  7. I remember that jumper, it looks fab! Ace outfit round-up. Love the old bus.
    You've had loads more rain than us (thank goodness!) but I think last weekend's deluge has more than made up for us having a few dry days! xxx