Tuesday, 6 June 2017

The wandering welder and his equally wandering wife

It has been a week of highs and lows.
The lows were visiting St. Annes Square in Manchester 
and seeing the carpet of floral tributes for the lives recently lost 
during the terrorist bombing


A high was being guests at an acoustic gig of our favourite band 
"My Darling Clementine"  and the signed CD that says
"To Phil & Lynn the best dressed couple in the North West"

I've turned into a blithering drooling groupie 
"Oh we've got your posters framed on our office wall"
What an idiot, I couldn't stop myself.
" Oh, I really love your voice Lou"
She probably thought I had a girl crush on her.

The only girl crush I've got is on the Yootha Joyce style negligee
I found at the Crooklands Vintage Revival & Country Fest. 
 Its such a bobby dazzler.

This bag that I picked up at Saltaire the weekend before goes
perfectly with the "new to me" skirt which is orginally from Asda of all places.
Never underestimate George.  

Donna, Maria, Me, Carole

I was with this bevy of beauties at the festival, we had a great day.

And who knew that the back streets of Ulverston were so lovely.
Friends Maria and Patrick, who live there in their 18th century cottage
known fondly as Jolly Tall Cottage, gave us an off the beaten track tour.

No idea what the wandering welder is thinking.
Probably thinking it would spoil his Italian shoes
if he climbed upto Hoad Monument.

Although it looks like a lighthouse its not.  It was built in 1850 
to commemorate Sir John Barrow a founder member of
the Royal Geographic Society

Back  home now after a lovely long weekend away.
Sorting my clobber out now for our next adventure.
Visiting my sister in Witney - Oxford and a visit to
the wonderful fairy tale Gifford Circus at Blenheim Palace

Before that though we are at Bury Met going gaga 
over My Darling Clementine again. This time they 
have the full band with them.


  1. Ha! Get you coming over all groupie!!
    You and the girls look fantastic together, what an array of glorious floral prints. That photograph ought to be transformed into art as well as our Stockport one.
    Love your nightie and that amazing ship bag. I'm sure my Dad had a 1950s waste paper basket with the same design on the front.
    Love that picture of the Wandering Welder. Don't mess up those snazzy shoes, Philip!!
    The floral tributes are beautiful, how lovely that you were able to show your solidarity to the victims.
    Have the most splendid time down South! xxxx

  2. All loverly ! Chucking about the wandering welder 👨‍🏭 and his Italian shoes ! Next time he must bring his ' converse ' and we will climb ' Hoad monument ' !! Xx

  3. That negligee is Yoothalicious! your bag is ace too.

  4. Your negligee is fabulous and can go straight on my pile. I love that photo of you and the other gorgeous ladies at the festival. Seems you had an absolutely ace time. Have a wonderful time at your sister's. We've been holidaying in the area, quite near Witney actually, and I think it's a lovely little town. xxx