Saturday, 6 May 2017

Off to market .......


Set off for market yesterday in my charity shop find curtain that friend Val had made into a dress for me last year.  The curtain and basket are charity shop finds and the brooch I made from scraps.

The Sue Ryder shop had this lovely hand embroidered picture for £1.  When you think of the amount of work that went into it, it seems shameful that its only £1, but it has gone to a good home now.... mine.

The dress is by Tree People and still had a retail label on of £95.  I want a full wardrobe for that.

Its teamed up nicely with the antique full length petticoat that came from Garbo Antiques last year and a wrap round cardi, again a chazzer find.

Not that I know anything about this label but its O'Neills.
Its nice and swingy and has an underskirt with it. £4 from the greyhound rescue shop.
The rest of the outfit is again all chazzer finds.

Not really known for wearing maxi skirts but at £4 I thought I'd give it a go with the retro boots picked up in London last year.

There's some more outfits to show you when I get round to it but I just wanted to slip this fabulous handmade leather bag picked up last week. One friend has her eye on it already.



  1. That greyhound rescue thrift shop find is adorable! I would wear that.

  2. What a great week for charity shopping!!! I'll wrestle you for that bag, it's a stunner!
    What a fabulous array of frockage. People Tree stuff is gorgeous, so well made and pretty. That dress is no exception. xxx

  3. That picture must have taken ages to embroider. Well done for rescuing it.

  4. Some pretty good looks here, and bargains to-boot - super. Jacqui

  5. I love the embroidered picture, and you did well on that Tree People dress. For £ 95 I too expect a full wardrobe. To spend it on one dress only seems such an extravagance! xxx

  6. Such fabulous outfits Lynne. You've definitely go an eye for a bargain ;)

  7. I love that feeling when you get a charity piece with a new tag... and a really pricey one too! My favourite were some Dune mules in lime green and yellow: not everyday wear so would never buy them new but for £4 in a charity shop yes please!