Saturday, 6 May 2017

Catching up .........

I'm playing catch up here. 
Can't believe it was a week ago since we were at the caravan and meeting up with friends in Ulverston.

No I'm not drinking beer, I had picked up Philip's glass by mistake.

Both Maria and I had our Fly London boots on and it looked like they were having a little chat.  As well as having the most fantastic day at Printfest, visiting Maria and Patrick and rounding the day off with a meal in the local Chinese restaurant we managed to fit in some charity shop foraging.

Couldn't believe my luck when I spotted these Edwardian kid leather opera gloves and this french pinafore

Sunday got myself ready for visiting Art On The Prom at Grange Over Sands only to find it had been cancelled due to high winds.  You have to feel for the traders who after all the work they put in for the event don't know until early that morning whether its on or off.  Thats the problem with outdoor events.

Nevertheless it was still nice enough to go down to Grange, which is five minutes away from the caravan.  This cottage on the main street has to be the most photographed house in the town.  If they ever change those blinds I'll be gutted, they are lovely.

Lunch was in the fabulous Yew Tree Barn at Low Newton.
A super place for a mooch round, its full or reclaimed stuff from old houses
and gardens

Monday we drove over to Bardsea to sample Liquorice & blackcurrant ice cream
from Roy's cart.  He is so famous for his homemade ices you have to queue for a
good 30 minutes.  He has 20 varieties.  

We moved on from there to Moat Farm where we wanted to see the vintage tearoom 
and caravan that you can have afternoon tea in or a little party.
Forgot my phone to take pictures with but I can report it was fabulous and so are 
the owners.

Right off to see what else I need to catch up with
Thanks for dropping by if you have. 
I've probably missed the party this week.


  1. That looked and sounded like a fabulous weekend, no wonder you were too busy for blogging!
    Lovely photo of you and your friend. Get you with Philip's drink!
    That little house is gorgeous, I love the red door and the tassel on the blinds.
    We used to do an outdoors market, it was an absolute pain to get an email telling us it was cancelled after we'd spent hours preparing the stock and packing the van. Bloody weather! xxx

  2. So lovely meeting you two last week ! I think we will be doing it again very soon ! You've had a busy old time mrs ! Such fun . Hugs Maria . { rosey tinted of course } �� ��������������������������������

    1. Think there could be many meet ups over the summer hee hee. Mr RTS and the wandering welder will get withdrawal symptoms otherwise hee hee xxx

  3. Ups ! They should be little spectacles and roses irons ! Xx

  4. Whoops ! Icons even ! I need my spectacles on right now ! Teehee !

  5. Looks like you had a fab, and very full, weekend! Love the opera gloves and the French pinny. Surely it looks too good to be using it what it was made for! That red-doored cottage is so pretty. You should ask the owners for the blinds if they ever get tired of them ... xxx