Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Don't look Ethel.....

Do you remember that saying "don't look Ethel", was it a song or a tv programme ?

This is my unhealthy looking room from yesterday.  
I intended swooping through it in the day.

Had to stop for a breather and a cuppa

and a look at what Postman Steve had brought me.   
Postman Dave was on his day off.

They are all gifts from my lovely friend Tina Gilmore in Montgomery.   
She has been having a destash.

People that have been following me for some time will know that I am queen of the faffers.   
Consequently my room looks worse now than when I started.   
So the only thing for you to see is the top of my roller shutter cabinet.   
The rest of it you will have to wait for.

And the reason for this mass tidy up is because I want to start my new craft project.
I can't start anything without having a clear space and head as the mess blocks me creatively.
Doesn't that sound arty farty haha.

You will find some inspirational desks over at Julia's place if you pop over there


  1. "The Streak" by Ray Stevens - oh, how I love that song as it always makes me smile (along with "It's me again, Margaret").
    Great space - how organised you always are!
    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

    Bubbles (PatchworkApples) #13

  2. Great space. Hope you manage to tidy up enough to get the project started. Sarah #25

  3. Queen of the faffers! I like that. I don't think, though, that you room looked too unhealthy to start with, but one does have to have a clear out from time to time, I suppose. Who know what you might find! xxx

  4. Your craft space looks wonderful! By turning the photo b&w, you've made it very atmospheric and gave it a vintage feel. Enjoy your week! zsuzsa #26

  5. Haha! Queen of the faffers! I could do with a bit of your faff, I tend to rush into things like a bull in a china shop leaving even more chaos in my wake!
    Loving those groovy camels and your pretty work outfit.
    I've seen your workspace in real life and it's gorgeous. xxx

  6. Hi Lynn, having a sort out and tidy up is always good- I find all sorts of things I'd forgotten about! That line by the way, from a song called The Streak, by Ray Stevens, lol.Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #8 XxXx

  7. Too late, she looked!! I understand the block to your creativity and want to help you to remove it and express yourself in a way that feels comfortable and freeing for you. My sister who lives in CA would say that. I say - get on with it...I'm very impatient to see the next project. Lovely gifts fro the de-stashing friend....what are you going to do with them all?

  8. Im playing catch up after my fun morning with little Theo.....he's a real pleasure to look after. He left after lunch and since then I've had to catch up with urgently needed sewing so am rather late joining in today.
    Sounds like you're finding hidden treasures in your tidy up session that are distracting you.....enjoy!
    Hope you have a good week.
    Annie x #5

  9. good luck with the tidy.... I seriously need one here but it won't happen any time soon! Helen #2

  10. This your desk looks better in Black and White, haha. I think we all need a tidy desk for a new project. Good luck with it. Anickoana #6

  11. You are far from alone in a good tidy-up prior to the start of any new project. I myself am in the midst of revamping my creative area. It's kind of baffling me now, but i'll eventually find out what's wrong and how to fix hopes! lolz
    And a friendly destash that's loaded with goodies! What a fun thing to be handed to by the postman!
    Rose of Rose's Art Garden

  12. I am like you, need to tidy up before starting the next project, though I make a right old mess when I am on a mission to get something done :-) Anne x #17

  13. I say if you can't make a mess you can't make anything!
    robyn 3

  14. That's a nice postman that brings stuff like that. Nice art work on the wall. Have a great crafty week and happy woyww, Angela x16x

  15. My desk gets to such a state sometimes that I have no option but to tidy up! I always find things I've lost, things I didn't know I had, and even bags of things I bought and never took out of the bag! I'm at that point now, who knows what you and I will find as we go through everything for a fresh start! Looking forward to your new project! Happy belated WOYWW! Lindart #37

  16. Lynne, I can't wait to see your new project!
    That reminds me - I really must tidy up my work room! Katie :) xxx

  17. Hello Lynne, tidying up before starting a new project is part of the process, and one I enjoy. I look forward to seeing what your new project is. I'm easily distracted too, I can faff for Britain, but who wouldn't be when the postie brings packages of joy like that from your friend - lovely goodies to stroke and admire. And there's much to admire on top of your cabinet too. I enjoyed the snoop. Sorry I'm late - life and all that! Elizabeth x #11