Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Lovely presents and bargain outfits

Even though the weather is still iffy and 
I've not put my woolly tights away yet, the frocks 
are getting more flowery by the minute.
This one came from the charity shop, it still had its retail shop
label on. Its beautifully made and has a sticky out petticoat underneath.
Would you believe I paid £4.50 for it.

The brooch came from Ruth Hogan, author of 
 THE KEEPER OF LOST THINGS.  She found it on a car park
and knew I would wear it.
I'm not just saying this but Ruth's first novel has been my best read
so far this year and I'm hoping they make it into a film.

I wore the jacket (£8 and a favourite of mine) 
with this snazzy retro skirt I've had a while, teamed up with my white jumper 
from friend Vix of Kinky Melon Retro Boutique

The scarf is from an Instagram friend who I sent a brooch to and the mermaid 
brooch is by textile artist Lainey Whitworth.  I love the quirkiness of her pieces.


This gorgeous curtain fabric skirt with it handstitching
came from another Instagram friend who was having a destash.
I've added charity shop Laura Ashley velvet jacket, old Boden lace top,
Clarks brogues and some very loud coloured tights

My lovely friend Tracy who lives between the UK and Ghana
brought me this gorgeous basket on her recent trip home.
This is smaller than my other one which is on the floor next to my seat in the 
living room and has books, knitting, magazines and a few toffee wrappers in it.

Internet friends are the best
and I have some lovely ones
Lynn xxx


  1. That blue dress is so pretty! What a find! So far, I don't own any frocks with a sticky out petticoat. I love how you combined that jacket and the fabulous retro skirt with the berry-coloured tights. I haven't put many away yet either. xxx

  2. You've got such a distinctive style no wonder people send you stuff!
    That blue dress is so pretty and a real bargain, the pink, green and white outfit is stunning and who doesn't love a bit of curtain couture? Not us!!
    We need to introduce our Ghanaian baskets, they could make beautiful babies! xxx

  3. Gorgeous bargainous outfits there. I especially like that retro skirt - groovy!