Wednesday, 12 April 2017


Well I went off to Craft group last week with the intentions of 
doing a bit more on the waistcoat I'm knitting. 
Not much got done and its not been picked up since.

That's because look what's at the back of the sofa 
and has distracted me from the knitting.
(You will never see this room this tidy again)

It's a new to us desk and chair from our favourite antique 
shop in Todmorden, Yorkshire, Picture House Antiques.
This is where I am perched this week and going off at yet another tangent.

Triggered by this book I'm reading came a flood of childhood memories 
that saw me rapidly note making before I had even got out of bed.

Since then I've dug out lots of old family photo's, searched through
my basket of old books, found this 1923 autograph book I picked up
in a charity shop sometime ago and have started writing little stories in it 
working from my notes and adding pictures like this one of me with my younger
brother when we both had fang like teeth and the dentist removed them by gas.
Do you remember that horrible mask they put over your face. 
Mum said that I kicked the dentist hard in the shins.  I had my wellies on so I bet it hurt.

Look at the groovy wallpaper we had. It was yellow and green.

Now if you are sitting comfortably and tune into BBC1's
Money For Nothing programme at 3.45pm each day well tomorrow (Thursday)
you will see this chair.  It's ours.  Have a look to see how we came to own it and
what it looked like before its makeover.

For now though its time to head off to Julia's place to see what 
everyone has been doing at their desk over the last week.


  1. Love the new desk Lynn. Will be imagining you sitting there writing letters.
    Oh I remember the dentists mask all too well.....I still have real fear of dentists because of experiences back then.
    Have a great week.
    Annie x #15

  2. Morning Lynn. A gorgeous desk - and a lovely place to sit and do "proper" writing. I can't believe I shall be out at 3.45 tomorrow!!! I sometimes catch a little of that programme - I shall just have to work out how to watch on I-player...
    I remember that mask well. Absolutely hated it!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #2

  3. Spooky! When I got up this morning I thought to myself "I must ask Lynn when her chair's going to be on the telly?" Now I know!
    The desk and chair are fabulous and perfectly at home in your fabulous abode.
    Even with your fangs (I had them, too!) I'd know you anywhere, you've hardly changed! That photo is wonderful. I do remember gas, in fact our dentists is one of the few practices left that still offer it! xxx

  4. Isn't it wonderful how the most random of things can set you off on a journey? I love the fact that the Emma Bridgewater book has triggered something that made you root out all that stuff that family memories are made of. The b/w pic of you and your brother made me smile...I'm pretty sure my parents had wallpaper like that too!!
    I like that Money for Nothing programme, so will set to record tomorrow's as I'll be out :-D
    Hugs, LLJ 13 xxx

  5. Hi Lynn, like Jan, I'm pretty sure my Mom used to ahve wallpaper like that in her kitchen. Great when something can trigger off loads of memories like that.Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #4 XxXx

  6. Everything always is so wright, the table and chair where you are writing down memories with the autentic black and white photographs, always looking forward reading your blog, I'm gonna program my tv for tomorrow, Happy WOYWW Vicky #25

  7. I'm loving the new chair, its perfect for your gorgeous cushions x
    Thank you for sharing your memories - it's sparked a lot of memories of my own x

  8. What a lovely desk and chair! We've programmed your other chair, can't wait to see it. Fancy having a famous chair ;-) I love reading any kind of memoir, and over the years I have tried to write down some childhood memories of my own. Not in a nice book like yours, though. I have now almost all the family photographs, which often trigger memories of things long forgotten. Writing down little stories is such a great idea. I am now working on a little story concerning my childhood home. xxx

  9. Hi Lynn, I adore your beautiful desk and chair. Also love the armchair. I often watch that programme.

    Your idea for the autograph book is fab.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #17

  10. LOVE your new desk and chair....and your outfit too! And I wonder where the small door up the wall in your living room is looks so nice. dentists were not much me creeps when I remember.
    Stories are wonderfull, my sister does the family stories.
    Looking forward to tomorrow 4.45 (for me in the Netherlands!) thanks for the tip,

  11. what a gorgeous new (old) desk!! have a great week - I shall be busy working sadly so won't be able to see your chair have it's 15 minutes of fame as they say! Helen #1

  12. What a lovely addition...I'm loving the fact that you've been sitting at it and doing the memory stuff, what a great way to record it all! When Mr Dunnit had finished out kitchen fitting, i was so pleased with it that i dragged a chair in and sat with my knees in an open cupboard so i could enjoy the new space and still do something useful! Never occurred to me to use the cooker or actually do kitchen stuff!! I shall try ever so hard to watch, but I must warn you that if i sit down at 3.45, i may be asleep by 3.47! I do like the programme very much, and am not remotely surprised that you have any item featured!

  13. Gorgeous desk, I have an old one but lighter coloured and probably not in such good condition but much prefer them to the new ones which look similar but don't have such useful drawers and tend to be smaller on the top. You are going to love working on this. Have a lovely woyww and a great crafty week, Angela xXx20

  14. What a gorgeous desk and a great idea for the memory book. I may buy my mother everything she needs to make one as I love hearing all her stories. I remember the dentist mask too! Sarah #9

  15. Must tape that programme as I am at the cardiologists at 3.40.
    Oh Lynne, what memories you have brought back. I once "wet" the chair apparently when I had gas. Or it might have been the time I had an abscess and they removed the double tooth without anything. Ouch!
    And that wallpaper, oh I remember those colours so well. And borders - do you remember those or are you not old enough.
    Love your Tod purchases, what a beautiful room you have.
    Sorry I am so late, visitor got i the way of commenting yesterday and I was flat out trying to do my journal post for today in the evening. Sorry.
    Have a lovely Easter.
    Hugs, Neet 3 xx

  16. How lovely to hear you have been inspired to put those moments down on paper. What a legacy you will leave. Stunning furniture.
    sandra de @23

  17. Oh Lynn, that desk is heavenly, my Dad used to have one a bit like that, brings back lots of memories. You have been having a delve into the archives, nice picture of you and your brother, and Yes I do remember the dentist, makes me shudder just thinking about it. eeeeeeerrrrrrr!
    Chris #10

  18. beautiful new desk and chair...very nice! I have been contemplating trotting out pictures from bygone days and creating books for my son and daughter so they would have a history of mine and their fathers families...unlike us with boxes of photos and no idea who they are. Good job! Have a happy holiday and I great week. Vickie #38