Thursday, 2 March 2017

Clashing and Mashing things together

As the song goes 
"It may be winter outside, but in my heart its spring"

and thats how this lovely made to measure dress from
makes me feel

Teamed up with charity shop find belt and cardi and
vintage cotton full length petticoat its just the thing to 
brighten a grey March day.

There is a change happening with how I dress. 
As well as the fabulous vintage gear I have, like this stunning 
St. Michaels dress from trader friend Marie at The Queen's Drawers

I am starting to look at British designer/makers that have an individual
look to them with lots of colour and pattern and I'm  also mashing 
things together like opaque tights and boots with my vintage frocks.
Styling and layering is such fun and each morning I love rummaging round
to see what I can put together. 
The more clashing of colour and pattern the better.

My next posting will really make your eyes pop

Have a lovely day 
 Lynn x

ps.  I'm thrilled to bits to have been featured in Jacqui Thompson's blog


  1. Both dresses can go on my pile, Lynn. In winter, I always wear opaque tights and boots with my vintage frocks. You see: twins! xxx

    1. Think we must have been separated at birth Ann haha xx

  2. I'm loving the new look Lynn, you've always been incredibly stylish but just lately you're taking it to another level.
    Aren't those Credland & Brown dresses great value? I love the one you chose, it's like patchwork! xxx

  3. Love those dresses Lynn, you look amazing. I'm going to follow up those links 😊💖

  4. Oh! Your frocks are beautiful and you wear them so well. xxx