Wednesday, 8 February 2017

What's on my workdesk today.......

It's all or nothing in this house and since
last week my craft group had our monthly 
meeting and I made this brooch from a
curtain ring and wool threads.

I have been on a one day workshop held at Hope & Elvis
on the beautiful Welbeck Estate at Worksop.

It was facilitated by textile artist Claire Wellesley-Smith.
A fabulous day spent with twelve like minded people

The title of the workshop was "SLOW STITCHING"
the same as Claire's book.  As you would mark make
with a pencil we were using thread and needle.

The walls of Hope and Elvis are covered in the
creations of the artists that hold workshops there.
Its a blessing and a curse that I don't live nearer 
as I would never be away from the place

Look I spotted a Doodly Bird like the ones I
used to create for those of you who remember them.

If you want to see more of the Hope and Elvis pictures 
pop over to my Instagram page

In the meantime have a great week fellow workdeskers


  1. Your brooch is really pretty and a slow stitching workshop sounds perfect to me....I seem to constantly sew in the fast lane here Lynn 😀😀😀
    Enjoy your week.
    Annie x #16

  2. Hi Lynn. Gorgeous brooch. What a wonderful title for a workshop. The world is determined to speed things up, everything must be made for us to do things in a hurry... slow stitch - WONDERFUL!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #2

  3. oh that is gorgeous, and I agree with slow stitching, people seem amazed that I still hand stitch and embroider, but you have so much more control and like zentangling, it is a kind of meditation, though to be honest I prefer to stitch alone...if I am not mindful for me the pleasure is gone....Dxxx #31

  4. OOOH! How luverly! I just want to touch!!!! beautiful brooch and I love all the samplesof stitching. I'mnot good with a needle and thread, by hand or machine! Happy WOYWW! Anne#10

  5. I am inspired to make a similar brooch, we just bought a bag of curtain hoops and only need a few for that project. Also this slow stitching movement sounds facinating. I shall investigate further. Thanks for sharing - EmbroidRage #8 x

  6. What a wonderful way to spend time. Being with like-minded folks is always so inspiring. I enjoy writers' conferences for the same reason. I do remember the doodle bird. How cute that you found one there. Creative Blessings! Kelly #35

  7. Now that sounds like a wonderful workshop to go on! I must follow up those links - I love both the brooch and the little sampler. You really do some gorgeous work....
    Hugs, LLJ 18 xxxx

  8. I love the brooch and that cute bird. What a lovely way to spend the day. Soojay 44

  9. Super brooch, love the needlepoint, I really ought to do some myself as it was where I started in the crafting vein as a kid. Love doodle bird too. BJ#9

  10. What a fab sounding workshop. Helen #1

  11. What a lovely brooch Lynn, it's got quite a vintage feel. I've seen French brooches from the 1940s which look very similar! xxx

  12. Looks like a very intriguing place to go for workshops! Your brooch is lovely! Thanks for sharing, Lindart #45

  13. That broach is such a great idea.. and the embroidery is so pretty x

    Have a great week
    Erika #46

  14. Ooooh, lucky you. Welbeck, love it though I've not been for ages. We tend to go to Rufford more often now but I love them both. Bet you had a brilliant time. Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 20

  15. Sounds like a pretty cool place. Dorlene #42

  16. Lovely brooch. Sounds like the workshop was a lot of fun.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sharon K #39

  17. The 'Slow Stitching' looks extremely interesting. I like to do needlepoint and embroidery (in addition to 20 other hobbies - lol)

    Thanks for sharing! Check out my Giveaway, too.

    LuLu WOYWW #53

  18. Like the sound of slow stitching will investigate the web pages shortly. The brooch is very pretty.

  19. You have been busy! I had a marvellous time scrolling through your blog posts and drooling over all the details. I'm especially green with envy over your Fly boots, they're ace!
    How clever is that curtain ring brooch? What a wonderful idea.
    Guess what? We're booked in at the Travelodge on the same night - let's do dinner! xxx

  20. What a thrill to find a doodle bird, it must be lovely to see stuff you've made when you're out and about! A brooch from a curtain ring - only you, how clever!! I'm lucky over the VAT, some moths we only issue a couple of invoices and have a couple dozen purchases, so it's never too awful, and like you, I use double entry folio books, nothing computer based for accounting, couldn't possibly learn how!!!

  21. Hi Lynn, I remember your doodly birds very well but how lovely for you to find one hanging around Hope & Elvis waiting to see you. If you hadn't told us I wouldn't have thought your brooch was made from a curtain ring - it's absolutely lovely. That book is now on my wish list ready for the time I have a book voucher to spend. Have a great weekend. Elizabeth x #21

  22. Late getting round the desks again but I am determined to see a few more today! I love the idea of slow stitching - I am always in too much of a hurry! xx Jo