Tuesday, 28 February 2017

More clobber than days to wear it

 After much humming and aahing about the weather we decided to stay 
in on Saturday, but couldn't resist the pull of a trip over to 
Todmorden for brunch in The Old Coop and a bit of charity shop foraging.

It resulted in me finding this vintage St. Michael wool two piece 
in the RSPCA shop for £4.50

and this gorgeous Scandanavian made skirt for £5
 in the Greyhound Rescue shop 

 I've teamed it with this stripey long sleeve T-shirt 
and my red cardi that I've had for ever and wear 
constantly (both charity shop finds)

I'm obviously going through a stripey top phase

Sadly this jacket is to tight and will probably get 
passed onto one of my less well endowed friends.
Gutted really as I love it.

Wait while you see what's else is coming up.
I'm having a great time finding clobber so far this year
and there's not enough days in the week to wear it all.


  1. You always find such lovely clothes Lynn! I think I need to slim down a bit more as the size below mine always has loads! Love the top outfit especially! Sorry I am such a poor visitor here! Chrisx

    1. Lovely to hear from you Chris. I'm enjoying seeing what you get upto. You can't beat a bit of charity shop shopping. I never look at the sizes, preferring to just try things on and see how they look.
      Lynn xx

  2. Stripes go with everything, don't they?
    How fab are your finds? You did do well. I can't wait to see more of them! xxx

    1. There's a definite change in the air Vix. Lots of mashing and clashing haha xxx

  3. Great bargains as usual, Lynn. Oh, and I definitely have more clobber than days to wear it, too. I could go without clothes washing (underwear NOT included) for a very, very, very long time! xxx