Wednesday, 27 April 2016

What's on my workdesk

We have been charging around the country again so there has been little if anything 
done at the desk since last week.
I picked up this bakelite calender at the Festival of Vintage at York at the 
weekend so that is now on my desk along with a bag of 1700 buttons.
I got the tin as well and that will be holding the buttons.
How do you like this trim, it looks hand stitched but on closer inspection of
the back by Miss Dolly Whatsit, it appears to be machine stitched.  Very clever.

Yesterday I posted a picture of this thingymebob.
 Any ideas what it is for ?
 I've given a clue in the cartoon.

Have a ponder while you have a look around 
some other desks over at Mrs D's. I will report back 
next week.


  1. you always find some beautiful things.. Helen #1

  2. Sadly I can't read the clue..but I guess it's something for hairdressing in days gone by..I'm curious now! You have fund a treasure trove of goodies! Elaine no.l1

  3. Is it one half of Madonna's famous bra?! :-). You do have a knack for finding vintage treasures..that calendar is fab, I've never seen one like it before.
    I saw in someone's comments that you were in Montgomery last weekend - what a fab little town that is. We were there on Holiday last year - we loved the old fashioned ironmongers!
    HUgs, LLJ 16 xxx

  4. That trim is beautiful and I very much like the bakelite calender, which surely is something I would have gone for too. I cannot read the clue either, but should be a hairdressing thing, no? I had to laugh at Lunch Lady Jan's suggestion though. xxx

  5. It could be a Tussie Mussie? Oh that sweet Bakelite calender!!SOOOOO 50's.Gosh!!I had to gasp at the 1700 buttons.I have a bit of a button fetish! Love your posts.Always make me smile.

  6. Is it a bun cover to go in a lady's hair? You do like to challenge us brain struggles at this time in the morning [in fact it struggles most of the day!].
    Have a great week.
    Annie x #10

  7. Hi Lynn. Before I saw the postcard I thought it was to hang on the dressing table and keep a hairbrush and comb - not sure now...
    Thanks for the visit. My word - we also stayed at Greenacres - and quite possibly met your brother in law?? Our Ruth was around 4 at the time, I think - we had a great time there - lovely access to Black Rock Sands - that GLORIOUS beach! That would have been 34 or 35 years ago... Small world!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #2

  8. Lots of fun things to look at here. What can be better than a tin of buttons! Happy WOYWW. Susanne #38

  9. 1700 buttons, counted them yourself? I think it is to hold brushes. Happy WOYWW Vicky#6

  10. You always manage to find such lovely and cute things :) And useful too...That thing on the photo...mmm...maybe a brush holder, hehe?

  11. Beautiful finds! Sounds like you're having a wonderful time gallivanting.

    I'm not sure what that is for. I was think for a posy of flowers, but with the cartoon I'm not sure. Maybe it's a hair band of some sort. Can't wait to find out!

    Sharon k#46

  12. What lovely finds! The trim is gorgeous! Never mind that is is machine made. It's still beautiful. The calender is very pretty too.
    As to what the thingamajig is, I have no idea. I thought it might be to hang the hairbrushes in, but looking at the cartoon, it probably something entirely different. I can't read the text on the card.
    All will be reveiled I'm sure...
    Thank you for visiting,
    Happy WOYWW,
    Have a good week too,

  13. I love the calender - I've said it before, I really need to come shopping with you - you find the most amazing things. As to the little doo-dah, I was going to guess a posy holder until I saw the ribbon threaded through to gather it up - now I'm stumped!!

  14. Scissors? Because of the shape. You have a knack for unearthing lovely things. xx

  15. Hummm. I would have to guess its something to hold the lady's hair all done up in a bun while she sleeps at night.
    Have a great day.
    Diane - WOYWW #36

  16. I think the thingeymebob is for holding May flowers on May Day.

  17. Liking Dollywotsit, she's very cute! I love buttons, I'm always tipping my button jars over so i can admire them - I don't even know how to sew a buttonhole so most are pretty but useless!
    I think the mystery item keeps the dust of the end of a parasol! xxx

  18. Hi Lynn, You found some lovely things.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #17

  19. Oh that embossed tin is sweet. As is the trim actually: I realise it's very consistent but had no idea that it was machine stitched, isn't it clever! Hope you continue rushing around, it's way better than working!

  20. You found some lovely treats -couldn't even guess what the lacy item is! Chrisx 47

  21. Interesting post today but no idea what the little thingymebob is. Have a great week and happy woyww, Angela x 21

  22. Fab finds as always. Love the trim especially and the calendar is so different.
    As for the object well, is it a bun holder? Sort of for her hair to go inside it and then be tightened up? Or some kind of mirror holder (but not a clue why you would want one). Ooh, got me here - again!!!
    Hugs & Thanks for the visit to my blog- Neet 3 xx

  23. Fab finds! And yes, I believe that is a tussie mussie cup. 1700 buttons! My heavens. Look forward to seeing what you do with them. Creative Blessings! Kelly #52

  24. Oh you do find lovely bits and bobs - guess it's for holding a bun! Hopelessly late at visiting again this week - busy with Ben, curtains and lunch out with Sister in law - all good fun!

  25. I love that calendar!!! You little dolly do-dah is very sweet and the trim is wonderful.
    I think your hoojiwhatsit is for tucking into her d├ęcolletage with something sweetsmelling like lavender or a hanky sprayed with perfume.
    Hope you're enjoying a lovely weekend. xxooxxoo

  26. Gosh that calendar is gorgeous - what a great find! Thanks for commenting on my blog too. x