Wednesday, 6 April 2016

What's on my desk today ....

On my desk today is the curtain fabric left over from them being upcycled  
in to this lot by my lovely stitching friend Val.
So with what's left I am going to make some Lavender Ravioli Squares
to parcel up as gifts
There's also a pile of books on my desk from Monday's Creative Crafting Day
Finally can anyone guess what this is ?

I will give you a clue.
In times gone by it was and might still be used by a tradesman.
Also the piece in the middle should be the other way round but I'm using it to hang things from.

I'll leave you to ponder on that while you have a look round the other desks over at Mrs D's place and will give you the answer next week.
The original curtains

Not dressed as lamb


  1. Hi Lynn! Thanks for your comment on my blog. Of course I took a look at yours and what a surprise! Lovely blog! You never guess what´s in my room waiting: old beautifull curtains, bought at a charityshop in Watford/London, next to sixties/seventies flower sheets.....I´m lucky to have a niece living there, I visit her once or twice a year.
    I´m puzzled about the wood thing...something with boots?
    Vrolijke groet from Holland

  2. What fantastic upcycling - reminds me of the Sound of Music when she upcycled curtains - the material is gorgeous - really positive! I haven't a clue on the tradesman item I'm afraid - but I am intrigued!

  3. Gorgeous curtain fabric and what a great idea upcycling it - I love the outfit you're wearing, the orange top looks fab with the skirt. I have no idea what that doodah is, if the arm should be the other way round then it must grip something or stop it falling off - oh how frustrating, I hope you are going to put us out of our misery soon!
    Diana xx

  4. Great upcycling - orange too - what's not to love. Interesting hook you have there- no idea what for but the one bit slides up and down? Have a great week x Jackie #17

  5. Something to do with shoes????
    Val's masterpieces are amazing. I can't wait for car boot season to kick off (and the weather to improve) so I can find more curtains for my projects.
    On the work desk today is a jumble sale denim jacket, a 1953 Victoria and Albert Museum book on embroidery and a homemade piece of batik but that'll have to wait - the chazzas are calling! xxx

  6. Now this looks interested, thanks for sharing



  7. now that is decent and nice up cycling! You're getting like Maria Von Trapp! I love that you aren't letting even the scraps get away from you! I can't decipher the wooden thing, although I feel to is vaguely familiar. I'll probably shout out the answer in the middle of a shop or somewhere in the next couple of days.....and people will either understand, or think I'm mad!

  8. Lovely fabric! Lavender pouches are great gifts. Funny, when I was a girl I couldn't stand the smell of lavender. Am I old?! ;-) Thanks for that wonderful idea, might just make some soon myself.
    I'll also be sharing what's on my workdesk over at Julia's place. Would love for you to stop on over... I've been journaling.

  9. What fantastic makes from your curtains. Cannot believe someone can be so creative as that. Brilliant!
    Sadly you have me even more foxed with the "thing" - makes it even harder to name with that bit in the middle not as a hook. Hurry and put me out of my misery, lease.
    Hugs, Neet 3 xx

  10. What brillian upcycling! How clever. I have no idea at all what the wooden hooky thingy is so will be back to get the answer next week. Soojay 23 xx

  11. Suddenly I can hear the sound of the mountains :-) And that wooden peg, I'm thinking in the line of someone needs to place their neck in it and the peg moves up and down to measure?? Happy WOYWW Vicky #12

  12. Love that you managed to make so much out of the curtains!! That's skill....and the fact that your using the scraps to make something else. I'd do that too, I just can't throw away anything that could still be useful. Up to a point, then I have a mad sorting out session!! I have no idea what that wooden thing is...for stretching something maybe?
    Hugs, LLJ 16 xxx

  13. That's a very cute dress you made from the curtain fabric. I love repurposing things to, because it encourages creativity and saves waste. Blessings!

  14. Julia's already said it, but you remind me of the Sound of Music with your upcycled curtains. They are certainly a pretty pattern. I have no idea what you wood thingy is, but it looks very handy for hanging things on.
    Hugs Lisax #35

  15. Great job upcycling. Your puzzle. Hummm. The thing in the middle is upside down. Reminds me of like some sort of jar or can opener. Like you slide it in the opening and then put the middle thing over the lip edge and then lift up. Probably far off but that's my guess!! Lol
    Have a great day.
    Diane - WOYWW #30

  16. Great upcycling project! Not sure what the wooden thing is - perhaps something to do with shoes? That's my best guess.

    Have a great week
    Sharon K #42

  17. I'm having a lunchtime catch up with my fav blogs today as my curtain cutting assistant came early and I then went on to shorten the dreaded curtains first....they are all done now :-)
    Your curtains are rather more inspiring than mine what you've used them for.
    Hug's Annie x # 10

  18. Aw, Lynn, I thought you were finally going to tell us what it is ... I've been racking my brains, but no, I've really no idea. xxx

  19. Great result from the upcycling! I love both the top and the skirt. It's such gorgeous material.
    As to the mystery object? I have no idea. It looks like a boot 'taker offer'.
    Happy WOYWW and thanks for visiting,
    Have a great week ahead,

  20. Lovely photos & your friend is very clever to make those goreous things out the curtains :o)

  21. Oh my are full of lovely surprises and intrigue today. Vintage intrigue! Those lavender raviolis still fascinate me. Sandy Leigh #43

  22. love your upcycling. not sure what your mystery object is though it looks like something my dad would have had in his shed... although he wasn't a tradesman.. so I'm stumped. Helen #1 (thanks for stopping by already)

  23. Every time I see upcycled curtains I start singing tunes from The Sound of Music! Enjoy the ravioli making x

    WOYWW #20

    1. I was just thinking that myself! LOL
      "The hills are alive...with the sound of stitching! Ahhh-ahhh-ahhhh-ahhh"

  24. Lavender ravioli squares? Your desk (and other) drawers will smell wonderful then!
    Thanks for the lovely comment at my desk!

  25. Brilliant upcycling and your ravioli squares to use up the leftovers sounds like a fab idea. Thanks for stopping by my desk earlier. Happy crafting, Max #26 :-)

  26. I feel like I should know what that wooden thing is but it eludes me. Others mentioned shoes or boots but I'm not sure I'm ready to believe that it is bootjack. Love the garments you got from the curtain material. Really nice! Thanks for the visit earlier today. You asked was was in all the white files behind my desk and they are cling mounted stamps in containers the size of DVD holders. PJ #57

  27. Humm that is a weird piece of. Up cycling but what it was before a hook looks like something to help pull off your boots. The squares seem like a great use of left over fabric betting your room is smelling very soothing hugs Nikki 2

  28. Great upcycling all around. Nice packet of squares. What is it about fabric bundles that are so appealing, we just want to dive in and start making something, as you do. xox

  29. Great curtain transformation! No idea what the wooden item is tho. x Jo

  30. Wonderful, always so busy and inspired. Val sounds like a treasure. I have no inspiration on the wooden thing at all?! Xxx