Sunday, 27 March 2016

Weekend workdesk and white wallpaper

I'm  having a workdesk day as the weather is so bad.
Yesterday we had a fab time in our favourite little market town, 
Todmorden in West Yorkshire.
Even though we are in Rossendale, Lancashire, Tod is only about a 20 minute drive and feels like a step back in time with its lovely outdoor and indoor market that has my favourite haberdashery stall, amongst all the other great stalls I am always banging on about. Its so friendly and relaxed even on a cold day.
We decided against going in the local sit-in chippy for lunch this time as we had a basket full of homemade quiches, vegetarian pasties, cakes, breads and hot cross buns plus honey roast ham screaming out to be put between doorstep  slices of the rosemary, garlic and sundried tomato bloomer we had picked up from the artisan, frozen to bits but cheerful, baker on the outside stalls. 
Back to today.....
I stamped these flowers onto a piece of the mahoosive roll of header tape I picked up in the charity shop last week for £1.50 but couldn't decide between doing a bit of slow stitching onto it or some free machine embroidery. 
In the end I did both.
You see the brick wall background, its a piece of wallpaper I found and I've been using it as a backdrop for photographs.  My usual butterfly, overactive brain has come up with the idea of creating a wall of embroidery onto it using pieces of the header tape. 
 Lets see if that idea comes off or if it will it be another plan that sits alongside the other brainwaves that I stick up on the Wall of Inspiration.
Watch this space .... put the kettle on though it could be awhile
Nearly forgot to show you my charity shop find.
A pair of curtains for a fiver that must have come from a smoke free, clean house as they are immaculate.
I will be on the phone to friend Val after Easter to get them made into a frock and top for summer.
Another watch this space. You won't need to wait long, Val actually gets on with it.  She has just finished making me an A line short sleeve dress, top and skirt for the princely sum of £24. Again from a pair of curtains I picked up cheap.  I'll do a blog post with pics this week.
Happy Easter 
(even though its a cold one)


  1. What a great curtain fabric - hope you highlight how it is refashioned!

    Have a hoppy holiday!

    1. Thank you Tami, I'll be sure to show you :-)

  2. Hello Lynn, so here I am looking at your blog, and commenting. Will take me a while to get to the beginning I guess. That curtain material will make a nice frock. I can't wait for you to show it once it's finished. Although I am not as creative as you, I do like a good haberdashery. The wallpaper background sounds like a nice idea. xxx

    1. Hi Ann, please don't attempt getting to the beginning of my blog, you'll be drawing your pension before you get there.
      Lovely to see you here and I really enjoyed reading yours.
      Thanks to Vix as well for having you on her side bar. Heehee sounds like something silly that xxx

  3. Your description of all those delicacies you brought from the market has made me hungry! Beautiful curtains, will definitely make a gorgeous dress.

  4. Your weekend sounds wonderful. Todmorden looks gorgeous, I Googled it after you told me you were going. The bread from the cheerful baker is making me hungry!
    Those curtains are going to make something fabulous, your creating is gorgeous and that little doll is adorable. xxx

    1. Tod is only small and people wonder how I manage to spend all day there. I just love it and enjoy a chat with the stallholders and sitting by the canal in the summer xxx

  5. Oh, I bet the dress and top will be fabulous... xxx

  6. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me. You can make something out of anything! Very impressive. So am I getting the idea that you don't like to sew garments? Mind you, with a friend like Val, I can see why! Todmorton sounds lovely as does all that food you described! Xxx