Saturday, 5 March 2016

From a curtain to a cushion to a frock

I am hardly likely to forget this date
My Dad died on this day. That many years ago I can't remember.
Its our dear friends Golden Wedding anniversary today 
and another friend is celebrating her 80th Birthday.
You see this vintage curtain, well I got it some years ago and upto recently it has been used as a cover for the cushion on the bench in our boot room (the place we store our wellies and coats)
But now it has been transformed into a summer frock for me, by another one of my friends.
With the bits that are left I have made some lavender bags
and a bag for the lavender bags 
There is no way I can wait until the summer months before I wear my new frock
so once its dry (it was full of mud and needed washing) I am going to team it with
maroon opaque tights and maroon knee length boots and my tricel dusky pink cardi.
Stay tuned for further pics with me modelling it

I made this for the Golden couple at the party tonight.
We are dashing from one do to another so I better get a move on.


  1. Hope you have a fab time tonight. Can't wait to see you modelling the dress :-)
    Annie x

  2. Wow I'm impressed - so many things made from those curtains... well done ... enjoy your evening...

  3. Wow, its lovely you transformed a curtain and gave it new life. Can't wait to see what it looks like x

  4. Sounds like my sort of recycling!! great. x

  5. Love that it has morphed
    Can't wait to see you wearing that wonderful dress

  6. What a fabulous way to use that curtain - look forward to seeing you wearing it! Hugs, Chrisx

  7. So many events on same date! Looking forward to see that dress on you soon!

  8. Hope the party went well! That dress is gorgeous, I'm sure I made a pair of hot pants in the same fabric a few years ago. I'll have to dig around the archives! xxx

  9. Ah yes, we never forget those dates, do we? Ooh, the frock is looking fabulous. Can't wait to see you modelling it. Xxx