Wednesday, 13 January 2016

What's on my workdesk today .......

I can't believe I've been at this clearing up malarky for a week.
Most days I feel as if I'm not getting anywhere.
Can you see the old wooden pegs they've made great ribbon holders.
I've got to hurry up a bit now as I have six ladies arriving on Saturday
for the first of my 2016 craft workshops

 These are some of the lovely papers the ladies will be using. Hope they like them.
This is just a small section of my books, I had to work really hard to not start flicking through them.
If you ever hear me saying again I'm having a clearing up session
please scream loudly "NO DON'T DO IT"

Time for a quick hop around some desks before its back to the grind.


  1. I can't bear the thought of a clear up because I remember the 'worse before it gets better' goes on for ages! Good luck with the workshop. Helen #1

  2. New Year clean-up. Things look pretty good Lynne.

  3. It's really, really looking better. Good for you. I helped my friend Sally this week and she was reading articles in magazines that I was handing her to sort. VERY frustrating, so you get the gold star for staying on task. Happy WOYWW from #2.

  4. But it is so worth the effort, it is looking great. Vicky#4

  5. Ah, but the effort is worth it...what a beautiful workspace! The ladies will enjoy their workshop there :-). Have you read about this new Japanese craze for tidying up? Have nothing that is not beautiful useful or sparks joy.......well, that's my husband out the door then :-D
    Hugs, LLJ 16 xx

  6. It's good having a clean up now and again but I know what you mean about getting side-tracked - I have been discovering unfinished work that I now want to go back to. Hope the workshop goes well on Sat. x Jackie 26

  7. Well done for sticking with with clean up... the end result is always worth the effort. But ohhhh the effort.
    Enjoy your craft workshops looks like some very pretty papers are going to be used.
    sandra de @15

  8. Good for you Lynn - it's all looking gorgeous and I bet it's a delight to attend one of your workshops in such beautiful creative surroundings, and with the wonderful views of your nature reserve too - heaven! As I have said soooooo many times before, I wish I lived nearer!!
    Have a great week and a fab workshop,
    Diana x

  9. It is awful isn't it....I get part sat through each time, so have learned to start on something different each time! The problem really is that I expect to throw stuff out or pass it on, and then I don't! I love the paper on the bottom of the swatch...they're all lovely but that really struck me. Good luck and have fun in your workshop, may it be a really good start to this year's run!

  10. Ooh! What a lovely selection of books. I could spend hours looking through them. Your room is looking lovely and so are those beautiful papers.

  11. Good luck with your workshop! No clearing up for me at this time! It just creates such a mess for me before it looks better!
    Glenda #34

  12. Oh Lynn, I feel your pain at this mammoth tidy up session. Love the pegs idea but what are those three things by the side of them. They look like 'spouts' from a teapot or something.
    CHA is the big big trade show in America where all the manufacturers come and show off their new products plus old ones. Several companies hold workshops which you can sign up for (they cost) and several do make and takes at their stands. It is very expensive to have a stand at this show and there has been a marked decline in the number of vendors over the years. This is always followed by "Stitches" which is held in Birmingham for those who do not go to the American show. We have been to Vegas, Atlanta, Downtown LA and mainly Anaheim in the past - next year it is in Phoenix.
    Hope that helps
    Hugs, Neet xx 3

    1. They are broken clay pipes Neet. I stuck eyes on them to look like Clangers of the childrens tv programme in the UK.
      Thanks for telling me about the CHA, it looks a great event.
      Lynn xxx

  13. Lovely papers, I'm sure your ladies will be delighted with them! Neat shelves and I just adore your book shelves. I have most of my craft books stacked up next to my bed and the pile is getting bigger every day! I can only dream of a dedicated bookshelf! Hmm, one day! Happy WOYWW! zsuzsa #48

  14. Well done. Your space is looking lovely. Good luck with the workshop - I'm sure your ladies will have a fabulous time.

    Clair WOYWW #25

  15. Nice job! I have a mess myself. I moved in October and am still trying to organize all my stuff. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Okay I don't feel so bad about the crafting books I have now lol! I love those papers, very bright and colourful when it is so cold outside. They remind me that Spring will be here soon enough.

  17. Good luck with the clearing up. It looks as if you've done well. I started yesterday and didn't even make a dent! Those papers look scrumptious. Your ladies will love them. Have a good week. Barbxx #39

  18. I'm late, I'm late for a very important date :-) I've been chasing my tail all day but have now managed to get to check out a few of my fav blogs :-)
    You've done a fab job with the sorting. I hope you enjoy the Calendar Girls [I've seen it and really enjoyed it].
    Annie x # 11

  19. Oh but it looks gorgeously tidy - so it was worthwhile - think how much time you will save hunting for things now ! Thanks for visiting Ali

  20. Well the clearing up can certainly be painful, but the results are well worth it. Maybe they're well worth it. Maybe in my case just kind of worth it . . .

    Those papers really are pretty, they remind me of vintage fabrics.

    #62 today with

  21. Thank you for visiting me earlier and sharing your 2016 journal headings. Well done for tidying up and have fun at your workshop.
    Lynda B 14

  22. WOW great looking pick up and put away. That is my problem with cleaning and straightening my room...I just want to look through everything and read everything. Good luck with your class. Have a great week and thanks for sharing. Vickie #61

  23. Well I am so impressed by your tidinesses that I may have to do some myself, so if I break out in hives I know to which direction I shall be glaring, ;) Lol.
    Love n Hugs xoxo

  24. You made me laugh out loud. Yes, I would be flipping through the books and getting nothing done. Have fun in your clean space. Peg 66

  25. You made me chuckle! I think when you are (finally) finished tidying you will feel better for it!
    Hope the workshop goes well

  26. I am also having a good clear out in my craft room ... Regretting it now also as half is in chaos ... But the results will be worth it I am sure!
    Thanks for sharing your desk and see you again next week.
    Have a good week.
    Catherine X #67

  27. Another week flies by and here I am trying to visit a few Wednesday desks on Saturday!! I tried to sort my photo box last night as I sat cosily watching tv. Well there were tears, then laughter, then oo remember this and wow look at my hair then! Ha - I still have a box full of unsorted photos!! x Jo