Wednesday, 2 December 2015

What's on my workdesk today ......

 Last week I was in London enjoying the last of my 60th birthday celebrations
Then I had the last of my Christmas Craft Workshops
I then discovered that the free Marks & Spencer Christmas catalogue makes a great folded paper tree.
Much better than the Argos catalogue we had used on the workshops. 
M&S has fewer pages and is better quality paper. The tree is not as compact though.
Ted looks like he approves though, don't you think ?
Before you disappear off to look round some more desks, look what our friends and neighbours Mark and Jan have made out of chopped down trees from their garden. This one is for us, he just needs eyes and nose now and Jan has got some bells to hang round Rudolph's neck. Or was that Mark's neck haha. They are such a creative family.

More desks here 


  1. Gorgeous christmas decorations from your workshop and rudolph is splendid.
    sandra de @19

  2. One of my friends makes those reindeers, they always sell out at every fair she does.
    Isn't that robin a sweetie? xxx

  3. I do love your trees and still find it hard to believe they are made out of catalogues - they really are gorgeous. I love the reindeer too - what lovely neighbours you have!

  4. What lovely decorations. I especially love the reindeer! Glenda #25

  5. Your latest tree looks fab and what a fab log Rudolf....clever folk.
    Have a great week.
    Annie x #15

  6. Oh I really love your Christmassy post and that reindeer is fab! x jo

  7. no way you're 60, looking good! Happy B-day! Love the folded tree, you could enter it in this weeks challenge over at The Craft Barn blog.Vicky(#1)

  8. Belated happy 60th! (Life begins at 60!)
    Your folded trees have turned out great! When you talked about doing them I had no idea what they would look like.
    How sweet of your neighbours to make the reindeer. Yes, it needs a bell and perhaps a red nose....
    Have a great week,

  9. Happy belated birthday to you. Your tree looks great and it's fab to use a catalog for your tree. Like the little lights on it . Great way to use fallen timber it will look great when all decorated up hugs Nikki 9

  10. Belated Happy 60th! You're just a few months behind me, lol. Love the wooden Reindeer- I saw some of those on sale recently, for £25 a piece! Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #4 xxx

  11. I thought you were in your twenties or thirties! No, honestly, I'm not kidding! You look so youthful in your profile pic! Lovely Xmas crafts - the reindeer is super and Ted obviously likes that tree! Happy belated! zsuzsa #34

  12. I am totally showing my husband that reindeer--I want one! Your Christmas trees make me happy too. Sandy Leigh #43

  13. I read your post on Julia's blog ((((hug)))) Hope you and your neibours are all ok . How awful to be robbed . I hope your neibour who had a stroke makes a full quick recovery xx Take care and I certainly hope this coming week is better xx Soojay

  14. 60th really! Well happy returns! I love the reindeer, other people - and I include you in that - are so creative, its relly lovely. I'm so sorry to read of the burglaries, it's hateful. I know there's little that can be done, but I wish you justice. Take parents were burgled whilst on holiday and there was extensive damage done as well. The burglar left lots of blood at the house (broke a window) so was easy to identify of course. Justbefore it got to court,she told them the whereabouts of all the stolen stuff too - they got it all back, I really really wish you're as lucky.

  15. I can see you are feeling festive already! Love the trees (good old M&S!) and the reindeer is fab. xxx

  16. I love the catalog tree! I have seen those reindeer at various places and just think they are adorable for outdoor decorating! Love all the London shots. It looks as though you had a great birthday. Diane #22

  17. hope you enjoyed your London trip but also hope the celebrations are not over yet. Go for the year!
    Love your M&S catalogue tree but you really aught to source out a Booths catalogue... they are super and the hard back bound cover is amazing. Don't miss out!
    Jo x