Friday, 23 October 2015


 We've all heard the saying 
"Red and green should never be seen except upon an Irish Queen"
I always thought it was Fairy Queen.
Did you know about this saying 
"Blue and green should never be seen except with something in between"
What a load of bunkum, I can't see anything wrong with my outfit today.
My old blue Hotter boots (my version of the very expensive Duberry boots).
Gipsy green lace Blue & green Welsh Tapestry pinafore that I picked up in a lovely charity shop in Summertown, Oxford.  Blue Dereta crimplene coat, another vintage bargain buy. Forgot to photograph it but I used my blue Welsh wool tapestry bag as well.
Under the pinafore my old Boden shirt that cost per outing 
must be nil by now I've worn it that much.
After yesterdays trip to the garden centre with my 82 year auntie I went back today for something to cheer my own garden up. I have to give auntie my full attention when we are out or she might end up in trouble or lost haha. Love her to bits.
Robins seemed to be my thing today and a bit of winter colour.
Yes we have mirrors and old screwdrivers in our garden 
among other things
I might check out Victoria Baths, Manchester on Sunday its the Vintage Home Fair and see if anyone else is wearing blue and green.


  1. Blue and green look lovely together; especially the shades you're wearing. I don't give a hoot what colours I wear. I am coordinationally challenged, so mostly just grab what I fancy wearing,
    Glad Aunty G is still enjoying her garden and I love your wee Robins. Hope you have a lovely weekend planned :D xxx

  2. I love blue and green together, I've got a pair of cobalt blue boots with a jade heel so someone else must agree with us! a fab outfit, just the thing for a gloomy day like today.
    Your Aunt's garden is gorgeous. How sweet are those robins?
    The Boomerangs are at the Baths on Sunday! Have a fab time whatever you do. xxx
    PS Just checked the post box!! Eeek! Thank you so much. xxxx

    1. haha you are welcome.
      Thats our garden Vix but my aunties is lovely and all her own work. I'll have to do a blog post about her xxxx

  3. I always put blue and green together . I love how they look. Your Welsh tapestry pinafore is glorious. Your garden is lovely. I do like a nice mix of things in a graden and I have a mirror at the bottom of miine just for the cat to sit and admire herself!

  4. Shhh! Don't tell anyone but I like green and blue together. And the top I am knitting right now is green with blue flecks in it.
    I always thought the saying was "blue and green must not be seen except upon a fool"!

    1. Haha yes I've heard that one Hettie. Well more fool us. Xx
      Ps would love to see your jumper

  5. You look good to me Lynn so what do the critics know anyway. Garden looks lovely, I so enjoy finding little surprises and hidden places. Even a garden can have personality and yours definitely has. Have a nice weekend, Angela x

  6. I think anything goes if it looks good and your outfit looks great. You have great taste. I love your robins too.

  7. I thought it was "Fairy Queen" too. Maybe as I come from Britannia (originally, then Loveclough as a child) I know the same version as you. As for blue and green together your outfit looks smart and those two colours are what I always end up with in my artwork if left to my own devices. Well at least I veer towards them.
    Hugs, Neet x

    1. Awh that's only ten minutes up the road from me Neet xx

  8. to complicate matters further, in Liverpool, it was "red and green" not blue, in the rhyme.
    We said,
    "red and green should never be seen,
    without a colour in between" No queens or fairies involved! It's all local folklore just the same !
    Your outfit looks fab anyway!
    Jo x

  9. Well, they're adjacent on the color wheel, and there are similar tones in all the blues and greens you chose, so phooey on anyone who would look askance. You look FINE, lady! I especially covet those tights. You look lovely and are truly a master of pattern mixing!

  10. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style.

  11. Did you see that you became Top of the World Style OOTD Readers' Fav? See here

    Congrats! It tells that blue plus green is still a hot topic, or again? Who knows. As a kid, I was not allowed to wear blue and green together, but it is so chic and I thought that as kid too. LOL.