Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Whats on my workdesk today

There is nothing on my workdesk as I have been to busy partying
and being a fashionista
No make up on but trying my VE Day outfit ready for Sunday's outing to Vintage Village at Stockport.
Last Saturday we attended a fashion show "Fashion through the Decades" at The Vintage Emporium, Pear Mill, Stockport.
This little pink bag came from Victoria Baths Vintage Fashion event at the princely sum of £3. The gold glittery cardi and pink glittery top were £10 each
I am planning to make a sketchbook of photographs and record all my bargain buys as there is usually a good story behind each purchase.  
This is a picture of my nana, auntie and nana's friend from the late 60's, incredibly I have the same style outfits in my wardrobe now.  Would'nt it have been nice to have the originals.  Nana has on a floral wiggle dress but the only wiggling she would have done would have been down to the bingo.

Tonight, along with my friend Susan, I'm doing a talk at a local church Women's League group and we will be doing some crafting as well, so I better go and get my gear together.
Have a good week and don't forget to pop over to see what others have been upto at their desks


  1. Love the pink and grey - Happy WOYWW - BJ#35

  2. Really loving the latest fashions :-) It looks like you've been having a fun time.
    Annie x # 13

  3. You've been having fun Lynne.Love those Vintage Fashions. Went to a vintage fashion show here last year.It was marvellous.Some of the 50's gowns were wonderful. They had a gorgeous older woman with a fab figure, and lovely skin to modelome of the gowns.
    Hope the talk went well.
    Judy #19

  4. You are having a busy and glamorous time. You look gorgeous in all your outfits with or without make-up. Love the family photo and looking forward to seeing your scrapbook.
    Public speaking? That would frighten me to death. Hope it goes well! xxxx

  5. Your VE outfit looks great. We are having a bit of a do Up Hill in Lincoln this weekend with a fly past which you might expect in Lincoln. Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 23

  6. You seem to have a knack for picking up some great vintage bargains. I love those pink shoes. Have a great time at the Vintage Village on Sunday.

  7. Your outfits are too cute. Especially that first one!

  8. Love your outfit! A brilliant post - lots to see! Brilliant! Chrisx 49

  9. You have some fabulous outfits Lynn and you look great in all of them. I do love that cardi and the pink shoes and bag. Looking forward to hearing all about your talk xxx

  10. Wow, you look great in your forties gear, how fun! I don't have a problem with the tunic and trouser outfits of Nana's and Aunties....I just can't bear the thought that they were all nylon based! .Argh!
    Pretty nice to make up a journal of your finds...and off you go, down another road of interest and passion!

  11. Wow, you look totally fab in all your outfits - I especially love the top one with the matching hair ribbon and the stylish hair do - I've never been able to get curls to stay in, and I certainly don't know how they did it back then without all the modern day gels and lotions! I hope you have a great VE Day outing - you'll steal the show in that wonderful outfit, and I hope you find lots of bargains.

  12. What a beautiful blog!
    I've only just discovered your gorgeous vintage blog of smiles :)
    Do pop by and say hello if you have a spare five mins...
    Tilly x

  13. Fab collection of vintage outfits! Hope the VE day celebrations went well. x Jo