Wednesday, 25 March 2015

What's on my workdesk today....

My mitts are on here because my desk top is glass and its cold

I am on a break from my craft workshops now but I'm not slacking, 
I'm doing a five week ecourse on papercrafting.  
Each week we will be focusing on a different paper element.

Week One - Looking at paper as a material.  
This followed a number of warm up exercises.

Using nothing more than scissors a scalpel and 
things to poke holes we manipulated plain paper.
This isn't meant to be a dog but it does look like one.
Mirror Image
Looking at different backgrounds and light

Ceramic Cooker Ring

Over a lamp
For me it is feeding my passion for paper and stitch and who knows it may be the catalyst for future workshops

I am adding a link to my last posting so that you can see how
the ladies did on Saturday's workshop

Time to have a look at some more desks now


  1. Hi from a fellow desker, your paper play reminds me of something I did as part of a C&G course years ago. My kids gave me strange looks when the saw me attacking paper with a crinkle chip cutter and cheese grater. The easter egg is lovely, very cheery.
    Jill #22

  2. What an interesting paper course that must be! I really like the results and if it translates into future workshop ideas, then all the better. And this Easter eggs are soooo pretty, bet the ladies enjoyed making those :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 24 xx

  3. That looks like fun for you to be playing with paper :D The yellow and green egg is one of my favourites :D xx

  4. Happy Wednesday. I'm doing my visits of all my fav blogs while my twinnie munchkins play with their knex today 😃
    What a lot of fun you've had with paper this of my fav mediums to amuse my munchkins with 😃
    Annie x #21

  5. Your paper work looks very interesting - I love working with paper - I hope you get loads of ideas for running new courses. The eggs are just beautiful - I have to say the green and yellow is my favourite and I love how they are photographed with matching primulas - very beautiful.

  6. Cool paper fun there Lynn, enjoy your week Cheers RobynO#27

  7. Wow that looks so interesting ...... Is it an online course
    Janet @19

    1. It is Janet. Its run by

  8. You have done some interesting things with paper there Lynn. I love the effect of the piece folded with tiny pin holes.

  9. I follow Rachel Hazell...she fascinates me. Your paperwork is so good. Love the wings. xx

  10. I like the look of what you have been doing in the class Lynn and the make from your workshop looks wonderful! Sorry if have been MIA, we have had horrible viruses here, making us keep a low profile... not sure I will ever get caught up! Hugs, Anne xx

  11. MIA what's that Anne ..... That sounds like a virus. Get well soon both of you. Looking forward to our meet up at Easter xx

  12. Love the easter egg and pins projects, they look gorgeous! I love that you'll take a class on whatever feeds your interest..I thought the 'dog' was a dinosaur, so there we are, all psychologists can have a field day!
    (MIA by the way, from Missing In Action)...almost a virus!