Wednesday, 11 February 2015

What's on my workdesk today ..........

Ive got this book WRECK THIS JOURNAL
 You do what the instructions say inside
It frees you up artistically.
Takes you out of your comfort zone.
 I'm giving mine a tartan theme, but you don't need a theme just go along with what the pages say.

Have a look at what Cornwall based Textile Artist Carolyn Saxby is doing with hers, its fabulous
Then come back and have a look at what other people are upto this week
over on Julia's blog - What's on your workdesk Wednesday


  1. I started to 'wreck a journal' ages ago - still have it somewhere, lol! hope you enjoy it.Your table looks very clean and tidy today. Helen #1

  2. What a fun's good for us all to move outside our comfort zone from time to time. That's how we grow in our skills. :-)
    Annie x # 16

  3. Love your pages - if that is "wrecking" then great!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #6

  4. Your journal is looking great so far, despite you trying to wreck it! I love the tartan theme and look forward to seeing your destructive streak coming to the fore!

  5. Looks like you and Carolyn are having loads of fun with your journals. x Jo

  6. Stopping by from WOYWW. Lookas as though you had fun this week! Have wanted to do the Wreck This Journal book but always have too much on my plate. For now i will enjoy your pages. Diane #39

  7. Love your craft room Lynn, and what a fab idea for a journal, have to check out the site. Cheers RobynO#12

  8. I love a good wrecked junk journal!! This is fabulous. Thanks for sharing the link. Sandy Leigh #48

  9. Love your theme Lynn - of course, lol :D Carolyn's is London. I don't have a theme and neither does Karen of MissyK.
    Looking forward to your next pages ((hugs)) xx

  10. That was my daughters single choice for last christmas... I doubt she's dared to do much wrecking yet!
    Kristiina #21

  11. Your creative space is so pleasant to look at (and be in I'm sure). I enjoyed the long view look so I could see your space. Wreck this journal sounds fun, after all it gives you permission! Judy #69

  12. What a lovely craft room you have! Beautiful! Must be a joy to work in. I love the glass table.
    I had never heard of the book 'Wreck this book' and had to google it. I can't imagin any wrecking going on in that beautiful craft room of yours....
    Have a good week,

  13. Looks lovely Lynn, I do keep meaning to keep a journal....don't have the time! xxx

  14. Great post :)

    Loved seeing your journal pages.... and what a wonderful theme!

    Your craft space looks fabulous....

    Karen x

  15. I have done a couple of SMASH journals, and they are such fun and freeing as well. A year ago I couldn't seem to make a mark on the page, and now, well, yippee. Happy WOYWW. Appreciatively, Pat #71

  16. Your space looks very peaceful and inviting (and I would very much like a piece of what looks to be lemon pound cake in your blog header photo.) Happy WOYWW!!! ~ Laura #53

  17. Hi Lynn, I don't need a book to wreck a journal Lol! I manage that all on my own. However it does sound interesting. Love the look of your work area, looks very cosy.
    Thanks for the visit and happy craftinf, Angela x 37

  18. What a fun journal! I can see how it can help you overcome your inhibitions. Happy WOYWW! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #27

  19. I've never heard of a wreck journal before, what a great idea. Yours look fabulous, I love the tartan idea.
    Have a great week,
    Vopn #26

  20. Is that last photo of your craft room? It is gorgeous!
    Not sure I would make a good job of that journal but you seem to be doing fine - must go and follow the link and see another perspective.
    Keep going in yours - tartan is fab!
    Hugs, Neet 28 (late again I know)

  21. Just love the tidy and cosy yet airy space you've made to work in...makes me want to create straight away! I've coveted a wreck it journal for a good couple of years...but have been too scared !!!

  22. As someone who (was born in England but in love with Scotland) swear she has a tartan heart - I love your theme :) Have had to come back this morning as you set me off on a chain of blog hopping last night when I clicked your Carolyn Saxby link. Remembered this morning to come back and comment on YOURS! I keep looking at those wreck Your Journals - I love what you are doing with yours.

    Carmen x #46