Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Tag Tuesday Challenge - Maps, Charts & Diagrams

Charting Dolores's day out

Now as we all know Dolores is fond of a day at the shops and you can see here that she has come into a bit of money.  So she has donned her gladrags got her fake Gucci bag and has hailed a taxi from the Doodly cab company and is on her way.
Unbeknown to Dolores she has been spotted by the village gossip Hilda who will have it all round the duckpond by nightfall that Dolores has been seen heading off to have her roots done at that fancy salon in town.
  Maud who was rushing home for a nice cuppa and to put her feet up after a hard shift at work in Quidsworth had also seen Dolores and sighed to herself thinking I wish I could afford a taxi.
Oh crikey, exclaimed Maud, now I've got to listen to Hilda twittering on about Dolores dressing up like a spring chicken and spending her winnings from the annual duck race.
 If you are wondering what set me off on that one, well a few years ago we saw an exhibition in Canada (nothing to do with geese).  It was absolutely fascinating and if you can look up Mark Lombardi and see what he discovered, how he CHARTED a global network of events and what happened to him.
The Doodly Birds in the village of Ducklington live a far simpler life.

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  1. Your tags are absolutely darling, Lynn. I really love them and have always loved your little birdies. :) Hope you're doing well.

  2. I am so glad they live a much simpler life, I wonder why Maud didn't hitch a lift from Dolores... Love your tag Lynn! Hugs, Anne x