Thursday, 4 April 2013

How many courses can one woman do at once....

Oh quite a few really, its a well known fact that women can multitask. 
So here's what I am doing.  This is the art book I produced for the first of the lessons on the course 21  SECRETS.  The course is so called as there are 21 teachers who all teach a lesson (online) in different aspects of art.  
The task was to make a journal including stitched words on the front.
21 Secrets & Alchemy
I then decided to do a page of it to link to another course I am doing called ALCHEMY, where you design and plan a piece using stitch. The idea came from a piece of work I have from textile artist HELEN MCKENNA.
 I am also doing an online course called EMBROIDER, EMBELLISH CREATE with 
where we are making a wrapping cloth.  Instead of one large cloth I am going to do a series of small ones.
Embroider, Embellish, Create
 This is some more of my stitching from Alchemy.
 I am really enjoying learning to embroider and now that I can bring art into it, its doubly exciting.
embroider, embellish, create
No I don't bother with housework, only when I know visitors are coming.
There is always a cake at the ready though.
I am adding this as a late entry into 


  1. H-W**K!? Naughty language that! I do hope you're penitent! Lol.
    This new work is very lovely Lynn. You're talents are doubling so quickly. :0) Mo xx

    1. HOUSEWORK..... Amazed I could spell it Mo xx

  2. Your work is stunning Lynn, & this art book course you are doing sounds intriguing. Hugs Elizabeth xxx

  3. housework very neglected here as well. and i'm familiar with signing up for too many things at once. i signed up for Karen's lace class but will be working on a piece there for my Alchemy journal so that consolidates it a bit.

  4. lol - I have a friend who calls it "domestic violence" and that's how I feel about it too...
    I think it's wonderful to do lots of different things - makes us more interesting!

  5. Good for you enjoying your life so so might we all! Your courses sound so very interesting. As they say we women are great at multitasking, and we have the right to choose the tasks! Cathryn #128

  6. Loving your work book samples Lynne.What fun to be so stimulated.makes life very exciting!

  7. The dust will still be there Lynn when your courses are finished :-) You look to be really enjoying every minute of life at the mo and I am so thrilled to see the results as you go along so thank you for sharing it all.
    A x

  8. Hi Lynn, I just sit here in total admiration of you and your skills! Loving your work samples.... Hugs, Anne x

  9. wow, you have been busy! all very lovely

  10. Haha--thank goodness women can multitask, eh? Lots of lovelies and you are super busy!! Wow!! Love it!

  11. I have so much admiration for those who can sew! Your embroidery is stunning! I'd be bleeding all over the pieces if I tried this. :) Still desk hopping am I. :) Happy WOYWW! Nan #19

  12. Did I see the dreaded 'H' word ... how could you??? Seriously, your blog photos are always a treat for the eyes - love all your trimmings and embroidery. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Elizabeth x #95

  13. Hey, that's a good idea... not to join the blocks .. but, to make it slightly larger than an 8 x 10 and just make it one block smaller cloth....hmmmm....I may try that...soorrry ..... I'm an ol' copycat, me...!! 'specially when I see a great idea...! I do want to make a pincushion too like Karen's .. wonder if I can figure that out.

  14. I am loving all your stitch work - I love the way you mix and match your fabrics - it's so exciting going in new directions!