Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Goodies from London

Here are the goodies I bought in London, very multicultural.
 The set of three Indian recycled paper boxes were £6 and I could not resist the leather flowers which were made in Chili and are actually hairslides.
 I bought them all from a shop in Camden Lock Market Hall.  
Pop back tomorrow to see some photo's I took of the inside of the shop.
You might be wondering about the black and white photo... Its Mexican artist Frida Kahlo and her artist husband Diego Rivera.  After studying her at college and seeing the film with Salma Hyaak playing Frida, I got hooked on the music and just love the story of their lives.  I bought the A5 size print to add to the sepia picture wall in my bedroom
We arrived home from London to find this lovely mail art had arrived from my friend Mo in Scotland.  Philip instantly recognised it as Mo's work. Isn't it pretty.

Also a book that will be good for my Alchemy online embroidery course. I will have to tell the others about it.
I know Helen will kill me but I had to show you this picture of her hard at work on my blanket.  She has been at it for months. What a star.


  1. Loving your Camden Market purchases Lynn and I think I can recognise Mo's work now too, love the butterflies - a lot! Lovely little book too. Helen deserves a medal for perseverance - that is one huge blanket.... Hugs, Anne x

  2. Loving your goodies Lynn, the leather hairslides are beautiful! I bet your were so delighted to find that b&w picture. I'm glad you like the card. It surprised me that Philip & Anne say they recognise my stuff - hmmm
    Your blanket is looking incredible! It's coming together sooo quickly for the size of it! Helen is a maestro!!
    Mo :0) xx

  3. hehehe, thanks for all your encouragment on the blanket.

    I cant wait for Lynn to have it on her bed ... Love the look of those markets too.. but it would be somewhere I'd like to go alone and poodle about looking at things in my own time... spending lots!! hahah