Sunday, 7 October 2012

We all learned a thing or two

Ruth hard at work with Susan looking on
Yesterday our craft group had a machine embroidery workshop led by one of our members, Meg. 

My practice piece at home
What a fantastic teacher she is very patient and giving of her time and materials.
Our first task was to get the feel of drawing with our machines
The flowers are what I achieved at home before the workshop
Then we were given a sheet with different shapes on and we had to try and do them in stitch.
Done with dissolvable plastic
Next up came embroidery using a soluble material.
Drawing a design on to the plastic we then embroidered it so that all the thread was linked together.
After which we ran it under the tap and hey presto you have these delightful leaves to layer up and make into a brooch.
The last task was shading but unfortunately we ran out of time so I can only show you the start of the pieces.
Shame !
Despite some machines not doing as they were told and mine breaking down ( I was gutted as I had been practising hard for two days), we had a lovely day.  Barbara was brilliant in coming round with Meg and helping out when cries of "HELP" could be heard.

Now the thing is when Ruth got home there was Trevor making a meat & potato pie for tea followed by an apple pie.  When I got home I couldnt even prize a cuppa out of Philip he was to busy watching sport on TV.
So I am thinking of putting him in part exchange for Trevor.

Thank you Meg and Barbara for a great day, one we can build on (once my machine is working again)


  1. Hi Lynne, I am liking the look of that machine embroidery and especially the dissolving plastic, that sounds so interesting. Ruth certainly has a gem at home! I made meat and potato pie - David does help - he peels the potatoes, but all help is gratefully received... hope you have a good day, Crafty hugs, Anne x

  2. Hi Lynn

    It was a good day dispite the machines. The pics look great, I wonder what will come in on the next meeting, Barbara x

  3. VERy impressed with your home practice flowers Lynn! They will all come in very useful I'm sure.
    That dissolving stuff looks like fun to use. Is it for guiding the stitches?
    Hope you get your machine sorted soon :0) xx

    1. Yes you draw a design onto the plastic then fill it with machine stitching making sure it is all linked. Then when you run it under the tap then,astic disappears and you are left with just the stitched piece

  4. Lynn seems that you and your group had a fantastic day, to experiment with exciting materials is so fun, I love to work with dissolving plastic and you made so great things that can be used in other things.