Thursday, 25 October 2012


 My inspiration for this week's TAG TUESDAY CHALLENGE  came from these seed heads in my garden

 Staying on the theme of nature look at this cobweb I found this morning
Another tag, this one inspired by the colours of Autumn
 Along with some friends on the 1st December we are doing an experiment where we will bury or hang in the garden a number of things wrapped in a bundle of fabric and paper, leave it for three months and see what emerges.  After unwrapping the bundles and letting them dry out we will attempt to make something with it.
This is a hanging that was made in a previous experiment.  I hope mine turns out as well.
I'm jumping the gun a bit and have started one wrap already. I wanted to use the blackcurrants that were falling from the bush in our garden.  As you can see I've added a sliced pomegranate, raspberries, some spices and flowerheads to lace and tissue paper among other things.

 I put in some old torn book pages, map pieces and some handmade paper.

 Here's my bundle wrapped in twine.  You can the raspberries seeping through already.

And here it is stashed inside my rusty old typewriter in the garden, open to the elements where it will now stay come rain or shine until the 24th January or thereabouts.

Why dont' you do one of your own.  I am hoping for some nice pink effects from this one.  Rust and blue will be what i am hoping to achieve when I do the December one.


  1. What a clever idea! Just might to have a go at this if I can find a hiding place in our garden. Love the tags, pure works of art. Hugs, Buttons x

    1. I'm going to put my next one on the washing line x

  2. What a fun idea Lynn. Will be watching out for the results. :-)
    A x

  3. Ooh that is going to be lush Lynn! I don't have a colour 'plan' for mine, I'm just hoping that I get a result, haha. But you have given me some other ideas of what I could put into mine :) The hanging from a previous experiment is beautiful. I too hope I get such a good result :-D
    That cobweb is just fabulous and the Autumn inspired tag simply gorgeous.
    :0) xx

  4. It sounds weird doesn't it but the end results are gorgeous! x Jo

  5. That spider web is sooo cool! Great shot!

  6. Lots of fun and beauty to behold here! I scrolled though many of your earlier posts of the last 2 weeks and...WOW! Visual paradise!

    1. Oh thank you so much, I'm glad you liked it x

  7. I have not got my act together for my bundle yet but hope to soon! xxx