Friday, 5 October 2012

She's still going on about St. Ives.......

Last bit now, but I am sure you will want to see the work of 
mixed media artist 
 who is part of the St. Ives Society of Artists.
 We got to look through some of Sue's sketchbooks. 
Oops! should have left them open.

 I love this type of work.  Sue was thrilled when we told her we were her Lancashire Fan Club.

 Me, Mum and Jill and a Doodly Bird haha !

 This is the piece my hubby bought me.  Its aptly named "Birdwoman"
 My sister Jill wants one of these when she wins the lottery.
Sue doesn't have a website but if you are interested in her work you can email her at
She also has a book which is available from online bookshops
Painting with Stitches
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I am nearly at the end of my journey to Cornwall, one more blog should do it.


  1. how talented is this lady, I loVe every single piece and how awesome are her sketch books! a work of art too, you found someone quite amazing Lynn down in St Ives, thanks for bringing Sue Dove to our attention...wishing you a super day...Mel :)

    1. Sue has a book Mel called "PAINTING WITH STITCHES" and it shows a lot of her work in it. X

  2. Wow Lynn, she does some amazing work, really love the one your hubby bought you, it is just perfect. I have loved seeing your holiday reflections, thank you! Crafty hugs, Anne x

    1. I have to confess Anne there is one more blog then that's it ..... I think !

  3. I can see you had a great time in St.Ives. I went to Cornwall this summer and visited St.Ives too. What a beautifull place. I did a tour of the galleries there but I didn't come across Sue Doves fantastic mixed media artwork, I'm sorry to say. I would have loved to have a looked inside her sketchbooks.I wonder if she has a website? I'm off to take a look. Thanks for shareing your pic's with us.

    1. just added a bit to the bottom of my blog about contacting Sue and a picture of her book x

  4. Oh Lynn, please do keep going on about St Ives...I love looking at all this inspiration...not been there yet but I must go one day soon:)

  5. I'm with Sue, it's lovely to hear about your adventures, but I know you're such a busy bird (hehe) there's always another 'adventure' on the horizon :0) xx

  6. Aren't they brilliant! I especially like the 'oddness' of the 3d creatures. I had a quick flick through the book on Amazon - could be a Xmas list contender :) Shaz

  7. Great inspiration there,Lynn. I just love Sue's style and aren't you the lucky one getting one to take home. It's a shame the journey is coming to an end soon but we can always send you somewhere else!
    Jo x