Friday, 17 August 2012

What Postman John brought and other things.....

 Thank you Postman John (he reads my blog) for bringing me lots of bits and pieces that are to go with lots of other bits and pieces for different events.. ... Scarecrow Festival, Birthday, Cardmaking workshops...
Thanks also to Anne for sending us a DVD of how to use the die cutter she so generously gave our little craft group.
 Forgot to show you the beautiful flowers from Philip and the wonderful
 (make you cry type) birthday card.

Here's Brian putting up the vibrant wallpaper in the Head Teacher's office.  Today we should start putting things back into place.
Some of the accessories I will be using to give it its finishing touches.  I feel like Lawrence Llwelyn Bowen, well more Lynda Barker I suppose.
Lastly has anyone got the name of the supplier in the UK for this jam jar diecut please.

Lynn xx


  1. Hi Lynn, I'm imagining you with frilly shirts now :-) Looking forward to seeing all your finishing touches going in once the papering is finished.....lots of pics please.
    A x

  2. Hi Lynn, loving that flamingo! The wallpaper is coming along nicely too and yes you are definitely more Linda Barker than LLB. Those die were featured on Create and Craft this week and it is the only place (I believe) you can get them now in this country ( where they are £19.99 or £17.99 for members. If you can wait a week they you can pre-order them from for £15.00. Glad you got the DVD, I am sure you will find it interesting. Crafty hugs, Anne x

    1. Thanks very much Anne for the info and the DVD. You will be expecting great things of us next time you see us haha
      Lynn, Susan and Ruth x x x

  3. Beautiful paper, so very similar to mine! That must be why I love the colour scheme so much.....and those pen pots are divine! Got the wanties now! Have a lovely weekend xx

  4. You go girl. I didn't realize...when I saw the mosiacs on Flickr...that they were gifts to you for your BD! Happy, Happy Birthday!

  5. I think Jennie of the Artistic Stamper has the dies as I won the stamp a while ago from her along with some ready cut ones.
    Love the caged parrot!!! Look forward to seeing the room finished, it should be fantastic. Such a great project.
    Jo x

  6. Love the jam jar die cut. I would buy that die myself.
    Birds of east Africa look interesting. I saw birdies in West Africa in December in The Gambia.
    Have a fun weekend.

  7. Lovely pictures Lynn and Philip has to be Hubby of the Year for that gorgeous show of affection, bless his heart.
    That jar seems to 'be trending' just now doesn't it? Along with retro styled objects, cards etc. I had a peak in a shop yesterday that had an old tartan flask in the window, a whole pile of 7" records, a jukebox and some very nice retro lampshades for sale. Brilliant.
    :0) Mo x

  8. Oh lovey it's looking wonderful (thought you might like a little Celeb speak) ;D
    Pics absolutely fab sweetie and that card's so romantic it brought a tear to my eye. (Enough!)
    I'm looking forward to seeing all the finishing touches Lyn.
    Sorry I can't help with the jar :D
    I hope your weeks started well...have fun!