Saturday, 7 July 2012

Visitors to my Studio...

You can always tell when I've had visitors to the studio because it looks less like this.

and more like this.  Sparkly, shiny and tidy.

Yesterday Andrea & Rebecca of Craft Cottage came
You can also see them in Botany Bay at  Chorley, Preston

and today was spent with Lucy Bishop of Woad Butterfly
and blog

We had a great time over a cuppa and cakes exploring new ideas for our individual crafts, venues for selling, packaging tips, pricing, workshops, good books, recommending other crafters to get in touch with.
Rebecca showed me how to use Facebook for commercial purposes and Lucy talked about what she is going to do in the Lino Cut workshop she is doing for a few of us in August.

Sadly we ran out of time before Lucy could teach me a bit of crocheting, so we are going to save that for her next visit to the Doodly Bird Studio.


  1. What a lovely way to spend a couple of days, with like-minded people! A x

  2. It was a really lovely day though definitely could of done with a few more hours! I loved your studio and it was very sparkly and tidy, so many things to look at and so much inspiration everywhere. It was great flicking through books and chatting about a few things and ideas. Next time we will get around to doing a bit of crochet. Lucy x

  3. Great idea - so good to spend time with other crafters - they are such a special bunch! x Jo

  4. Hi Lynn,

    Oh, what a great way to spend the afternoon! I sure could use ALL the tips and advice that were shared - especially about pricing work. Instead of tackling my mess I'm totally avoiding it by coming to Starbucks to catch up on blogs.... now that's REAL procrastination!

    Your studio looks like heaven. I especially love that comfy looking chair! One day I will have a room dedicated as my craft space.

    Again, I love my owl fabric!!! The button is very cute too. You are so kind.


  5. Oh Lynn, what a gorgeous craft studio you have!...and how nice to meet up with like minded friends for crafty tips and cake!! :)
    Jan x

  6. love the glimpses into your wonderful space... makes me wish I lived on the other side of the world so I could visit and have a cuppa...xx