Monday, 23 July 2012

HIC ! HIC ! This is your roving reporter

Hic ! HIC !  Hello from Wychwood Brewery in Witney, Oxfordshire.  We have just had a tour of this fabulous Brewery and of course we had to sample the whole range of beers. 
Delicious hic ! Oops pardon me !

I even got to have a look in the vat, nearly fell off the ladder the aroma was that strong.  Then I acted as a barmaid serving up all the samples.  I felt like one of the wenches from days gone by.  I didnt have my low cut top on though or a frilly petticoat.  Have you got the picture hic !
We are having a lovely time staying at my sister's and look at these two lovelies.  The bird theme must run in the family as Jill has several pictures and art pieces all with a bird theme.  These were made by Hannah Turner.
I love this piece by Yorkshire artist Fiona Cameron

Jill gets most of her pieces from the Sarah Wiseman Gallery in Summertown just outside Oxford.

I bought her this paper lightshade while we were out shopping the other day.

Then look who sneaked in and gave us all a shock when he crawled out this box which was on the floor in the living room.  Its Cobey the cat from next door.  Do you think he was looking for a few Doodly Birds ?
Sorry Cobey they are at home in Lancashire.
Now you see the nosey ones amongst you will be saying "But what was in the box before the cat ?"
Well you will have to wait and see.
I am blogging from my sister's laptop and it has taken me ages.  I hope you will think it was worth it.
Back home Wednesday with lots to tell and some great photographs too. 
Lynn xx

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  1. It was definitely worth it, especially the pic of that beautiful cat Dobey! I love that block piece by Fiona Cameron, it has given me some inspiration for my next wood block project..... the lightshade is gorgeous, love those owls. Safe journey back. Thanks for your latest comment. Crafty hugs, Anne x

  2. Forget the crafts this time - Oxford Gold is one of our favourites! We've done a brewing tour but the one that floors me is the whisky tour!!! Wow - it hits you in the car park.

  3. Hi Lynn,

    A brewery tour is always a good thing! I used to be a barmaid back in the day. Oh, but never did I wear a revealing outfit or petticoats!

    Love the collection of birds.


  4. What a pretty puss! Glad you're having a great time!

  5. Lovely birdy pictures Lynn, each different but each made me say, 'wow', or 'cool', or 'ooh I like that' And the perrty pussy made me say, 'Aww', haha. Looking forward to hearing more of your adventures
    Missing you! :0) xx

  6. Hi Lynn, did you mean to post this again? I have come directly from your WOYWW link........A x

  7. Great post and it seems like you are enjoying ( "Hic"!) your holiday. I love the ceramic birds and Cobey is too gorgeous.
    Love JoZarty x

  8. Oh wow (hic) would you just look at those owls. Loving 'em.
    I had a neighbour once who had a cat exactly like that one.
    Elaine #10

  9. Ha, you old soak, have you got a hangover?? Looks like you havd a great time at the brewery. Loving all the birdies. Why is there always a cat around when you have birds?
    Have a great week and enjoy your holiday.
    Von #48

  10. Hi Lynn looks like you are having a fab time!! Hope no hangover was involved! Beer should definitely never get in the way of a good shop! I am looking forward to seeing what was in the box!! Though to be fair I think the cat in a box is a neat idea! Could definitely rival Jack! Enjoy your holiday. Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 39

  11. Beautiful cat Dobey.. looking foward to seeing what was in the box before furry Dobey!!!! Enjoy your hols... Have a good week, Hugs May x x x#11

  12. It was worth it! Genetic bird liking? I can go with that. The beer tour looks like fun, although I'm hopeless at the smell, I must say! Glad the vat didn't draw you in though!

  13. Love love love the cat in the box pic!! Thanks for stopping by this week!

    Amy E. #14

  14. Blimey, we're only about 45 mins away from Oxford - I'd have come beer drinking with you had I known!! Loved to have seen you pulling pints..hope there's photographic evidence :D
    Hugs, LLJ #28 xx

    1. Nobody sober enough to hold a camera Jan x

  15. They always get in the box . . . always. Even if it's not quite large enough, they try!

    #137 this week

  16. Aw, you get all the nice trips! Lovely piccie of the puddy tat too :)

    I'm late and it's now just into Thursday so belated Happy WOYWW! Di xx #13

  17. Sounds like a fantastic trip Lynn,
    My hubby would love that brewery visit...his kind of holiday!
    Why do kitties always find their way into boxes?
    I'm glad to hear you're having such a special time with your sister :D
    Thanks for visiting me earlier ~ Happy WOYWW Neesie #20