Monday, 25 June 2012

What an adventure we had ......
Well first it was on then it was off until in the end at 6.30am on Sunday morning the weather forecast said sunshine in Cumbria.   We got everything into the car and arrived in Grange Over Sands at 8.45am.  We met the imfamous Mr Robert Leach the organiser (the man in the yellow cap) and he showed us our spot on the Promenade (Stall 41).  Stall numbers are allocated by counting the railings along the prom. Its nice because we could park Frida my VW Beetle opposite where we set up.  Just as well considering what happened next.  I had just got set up and it started raining, so everything went back in the car except the table.
One hour later we had another attempt only for the exact same thing to happen.  So everything went back into the car again including the table, once we had dried it off.   The rainclouds were still hovering and my Doodly Birds were beginning to look like damp squids.
Our friends Jacqui, John and Ruby the dog (gorgeous) turned up and it was decided we would walk the length of the prom and have a look at the traders with gazebo's, with a view to finding one suitable for me.
Here are some of the lovely people I met and chatted to.    Email
David Henry Webb of Shoreline Art in Barrow, Tel. 01229 26570  made the quirky clocks.
As we walked back along the Prom the sun started to creep out and I was all for having another go. Loud groans were to be heard but we did it. My display is nothing like what it was supposed to be, but the thought of setting my card stand and display unit up again was to much even for me.  
The coast line around Cumbria and Morecambe Bay is very strange you can see there are sheep grazing behind us.
I then had another visitor, my friend Gill from Park Farm at Ramsbottom www.parkfarmramsbottom.
Gill commissioned a canvas midi bag with these two Doodly Birds on.
Then I spent my profits on this lampshade from Clare Dent of Lampshade Designs.
Tel. 01229 583244 or email
Clare will make any shape lampshade for you in your own fabric choice or better still go on one of her workshops and make your own.

I will be doing it again but I will be taking a gazebo next time.


  1. ...oh gosh Lynn it seems our good ole British weather even has the forecasters on their toes!...bit of a mare for outdoor events and such a shame, but it looks like not all was lost...the birds look fabby as ever...Mel :)

    1. I know Mel one forecast said dry another said light rain, typical English weather and forecasters.

  2. Ah, weather can be so unpredictable! This looks like a great setting for an art show, but the gazebo sounds like a great idea. I love your birds and your mosaic captures the feel of your post.

  3. What a shame that rain stopped play for the Doodlies, but love the lampshade you bought and it sounds like you had fun anyway and met some more lovely people. Crafty hugs, Anne x

  4. That lampshade is lovely Lynn!
    What a lovely lot of stuff there seems to have been. I would love to go to a large craft fair, but alas, I live where I live, haha
    Ruby sure is GORgeous, with that adorable face! Aww, haha.
    Mo xxx

  5. Beautiful collages you show. Wishing you a good day / good new week. Hanne Bente /

  6. Your weather sounds much like ours - rainy and changeable. Your doodly birds are so cute! Hope the next fair day is better for you.

  7. Lynn, what a dissapointement that the weather was so bad to begin with. Glad it got a bit better later on. I love the picture with the sheep in the background.


  8. The gazebo is definitely a good idea! You sound as though you made the best of it though. I like lush-cush and your lampshade. xx

  9. If not for weather, it would have been great. Wonderful set of images.

  10. In Europe we never know what the weather will bring. Over here the weather was very bad too and for a long time. It is difficult to plan outside things.

  11. I so understand you spending your profits on that lamp... that is just gorgeous... and your stall looked great despite the weather... Morecambe's Bay is famous for shrimp isn't it???? your doodly birds look great though and I a sure they brightened many people's days... My friend Von is loving her clock and after winter break and we get our kids back to school I am going to head down for a look at it in person... looking forward to it, and my daughter, Phantom, asked me to thank you for the ice cream recipe, she has been making it like mad and now we have a freezer full!!! It is delicious...xx

  12. What a shame with the blasted weather. Yes, get a gazebo (or choose indoors venues). That lampshade is fab. Ali x

  13. What a shame the weather was so unpredictable - but I love your lampshade - so it looks like all was not lost! Hope it hasn't put you off the next one!

  14. Been there, done that, got soaked too! I now possess a very solid, large green gazebo for all the craft fairs I do - the best bit of kit I own, lol! The items there look gorgeous - love that lampshade, very chic :)
    Hugs, LLJ #3 xx

  15. FUN! That lampshade, I see why you bought it!


  16. All the best for next time with the Gazebo.

    British weather is so unpredictable these days.

    Carol x

  17. What a shame about the British weather letting you down Lynn....but your Doodly Birds look so bright and chirpy! ;D

  18. Hi it's Jackie in Warwickshire.What a shame about the weather. Here in Coventry and Warwickshire we have had hailstones today as big as 50p pieces. You could not have let the Doodly Birds out as the hailstones would have squashed them!

  19. Crikey, I hope you had a hard hat on :)

  20. How frustrating to set up, take down, set up, take down. Good for you for sticking it out! Barb