Sunday, 17 June 2012

More talented people and some funny vegetables

Carrying on from yesterday's posting
I saw Emma of Temporary Measure at last years Holker Garden Festival and was mesmorised with the wonderful range of her work.  Having made the move from Manchester to Keswick she now has a shop at 74 Main Street, Keswick where you can sit and have a nice piece of cake & a cuppa while admiring all the lovely goodies on offer.  If you can't get to the shop have a look at one of the nicest websites i've ever seen.

I will definitely be calling in next time I am up there.

 Back to the Festival -
 What a great way to teach children about fruit & vegetables.  There were two mad chaps dressed up like Victorian workmen handing out these funny veggie babies and telling silly stories about how they needed nurturing, feeding and how some of them had dirty bottoms with being in the ground.  The little ones loved it and were allowed to hold them, change nappies and bottle feed as well.  It was hilarious but quite educational.

I have still got some more tales to tell from our trip to Cumbria but they will have to wait as I am getting ready for next Sunday's PROM ART at GRANGE-OVER-SANDS, Cumbria where the DOODLY BIRDS are holding court on stall 54.


  1. You are SO right about Temporary Measure's website Lynn! Adorable is an apt word here I think. What a treat it must be to roam around and look at all the beautiful things. I particularly like the baby clothes; those characters are delightful! And the paper chains! And I'm not surprised that the Rabbit cushion is out of stock! Yokes, I can hear my purse screaming from here, haha.
    Thanks for sharing Lynn :0) xx

  2. This is my all time favorite shop, lovely tea and delicious cakes too.If only I walked more quickly ( by the time I stagger down from the mountains its usually shut!) x

  3. ...great post Lynn, loads of gorgeous makes to feast on and I must say them veggies are so cute, who thinks of these things...Mel :)

  4. Oooh Temporary Measure looks amazing, thanks for sharing - I am off to take a closer look! Love the look of the veggies for the kids, great idea. A x

  5. Funny, all those fruits and vegetables in diapers!

  6. OMG! That is the funniest post ever, lol!