Saturday, 23 June 2012

Looks like we are not going here so we might as well go there ...

Never one to look on the negative side the Doodly Birds decided that, I should go and help out at the Embroiderers Guild Cream Tea as it looks like we are not going to Art On The Prom.
  The weather forecast for Sunday predicts wind and possibly rain and the poor things didnt want their feathers getting ruffled after they had worked so hard preening themselves for the great day. 

 St. Andrew's Church, Smith Street, Rochdale was the venue for this lovely event. Lots of people came in after they had watched the Olympic Torch pass through the Town Centre.

If you want to know more about the Embroiderers Guild check out this link
Members displayed their work, there was a sale of fabrics, books, stitch magazines and haberdashery bits and pieces, a raffle where all the prizes were based on the theme of flowers.  Even the table decorations were raffled off at the end.

The Doodly Birds are on full display in their Studio in Whitworth.
Email me if you want to visit, or have a look online in the Doodly Store
they are perching on some new lines now.

x Lynn x


  1. Shame that you are not going to Art on the Prom but I think you made the right choice with this awful weather and the Embroiderers Guild looked like a great alternative. Hope the Doodly birds got to see the torch!

  2. What a lovely lot of stitchery, scones and swatches Lynn. I bet the Doodlies were a great hit with everyone. Was it busy? Did you buy anything?
    Mo xx

    1. The Doodlies were pretty low key except for the brooch I had on which Judy had sent me and a bag I took with me. It was busy as there were a lot of folk in town to see the Olympic torch.
      Tune in tomorrow to see what I bought.
      Lynn xx

  3. Hello Lynn
    Where the stitch magazines for sale, back issues? If so do you have an email address I can email to find out if they have any issues that I am missing? Hugs Your Friend Elizabeth xx

  4. There were some Stitch magazine for sale Elizabeth and if you let me know which ones you are missing I will check them out for you.
    Lynn xx