Sunday, 24 June 2012


My blog friend Mo in Scotland asked me what I had come home with from the Embroiderers Guild Cream Tea Event.
When I came to loading the pictures onto my computer I thought what file shall i put them under .  So I started a file called STASH.

The word STASH to me always represented the money you put away as savings for a rainy day.

 Now it means all that stuff we buy and stash in cupboards and draws with the intention of putting to good use one day.

So this is all the stuff I intend using one day. Including these knitting patterns because this week Ruth, Sue and myself decided we fancied having a day knitting.  Its just an excuse to get together at one anothers houses,  have a nice lunch and cakes in good company.
Now this last bit of stash will be used when we go on Tracy's Jubilee cushion workshop in August.
It all came from that fabulous shop in Barrowford called Patchwork Chicks.


  1. ...well to me taking into account all those loVely piccy's i'd say that looks more like treasure than stash...gorgeous buttons & beautiful lace...will be nice to see what they turn into...Mel :)

  2. Have to agree with Mel, looks like lovely treasure to me too. I need some of that lace (that is crafter speak for I must go and track it down - lol). You are going to have many hours of fun with all your lovely new stash. A x

  3. Lovely pictures you've taken, all colour coordinated, making a scrummy feast for my eyes ;)
    Stash is a fab word but I completely agree with Mel - definitely treasure! A trove of it in fact! I'm a confessed buttonaholic but that lace Lynn! Woof! The purple roses are certainly 'up there' too mind you, haha.
    Have a super Sunday my friend :0) xx

  4. Yep we all have plenty of STASH! I periodically have to go through it all to remember what I've got LOL!Nice "stuff" (you could have called it that too)

  5. Oh, I love your stash and your getting together with the ladies to have a day of knitting. I need to find friends like that. I used to have them but things change over time with all the moving we have done. I want to tell you that my husband travels to Blackburn and Milton Keynes where his company has offices. I am so glad you stopped by my blog. It's so nice to meet you.

  6. Aww - the stash is lovely. I've got a couple of those knitting patterns, so until I stop working I'll have to join you in spirit and knit at home. Have fun! xx