Thursday, 17 May 2012

What the Postman brought and what I sent ........

Postman John brushed past the Flame of the Forest bush, knocked a few heads of the Camellia
to bring me a lovely surprise from my friend Connie.
 She sent me an old thimble and piece of lace wrapped in ribbon to put in the sewing drawer of the Singer treadle machine that my Auntie gave me. Thank you Connie.
 I sent this handmade card to Peggy who's daughter has had twins, a boy and a girl, 
Harry & Sophie
I'm looking forward to seeing what Postman John brings next but I don't think the Camellia bush is.


  1. Oh what a shame about your camelia and it is so beautiful (mine died this year), he must have given it a good whack as they are usually quite sturdy! Love the card you made for the twins and wow - loving your sewing machine and the lamp on top too. That is a lovely gift from your friend. Anne x

  2. Oh! I love that sewing machine and how I wish we still had ours, the same, in our hall.
    The thimble was from my late dear Aunt Alice who was my main inspiration in learning to sew and embroider. She also had a similar Singer machine.
    I am happy that the thimble will be in that drawer! Connie

    1. Thank you Connie, it's lovely to have a story to tell about my little treasures
      Lynn x

  3. Just think of all the hard work that thimble has done in it's life time :-) I still use mine regularly.
    A x

  4. Im late to WOYWW, so have a double post to enjoy! What a great gift for your sewing table drawer, a perfect nod to its past, how thoughtful. Good luck with the website. If you've got the nerve, ask at your local card shop..they used to have masses of envelopes (nice sizes and colours) left by reps and people who just forgot to pick them up..they were happy to give them away when I was in my make it and sell it in a bag phase - worth an ask!!
    Love the card you made for the twins...and I hope you had a lovely day of stamping with your that's another arrow to add to your quiver full of skill.

    1. Thanks for the tip Julia about envelopes, good idea.
      Stamping day booked for 26th should be interesting.
      Lynn :)

  5. What a delightful gift to receive, how very kind of Connie that was :) I too have an old thimble that was my mums. I 'found' it again quite recently. I'm famous here at home for putting things away soo safely they're rarely found again, hehe.
    That baby card is beautiful Lynn, very sweet & simple :D
    Hope you have a good day in Todmorden.
    Mo x

  6. A lovely space to work in; people have such calm studios, my little room is much more chaotic. Your studio and work look lovely.

    1. Thank you Jackie, yes it is calm and I love being in it.