Thursday, 31 May 2012

Those who could showed those who could'nt ...

At our Tuesday evening craft group those who could crochet showed the ones that could'nt, with some great and not so great results.

 First we looked and heard about some very old crochet pieces brought in by members, and the great stories behind them.  People brought in old magazines, patterns, books and even a tin filled with crochet hooks and other related things.

 We had crocheted garments, blankets and flowers all made by members.

And modern pieces bought from crochet hookers like 
who made these clocks

and this birdhouse by 

Everyone had a partner to help them. Poor Barbara copped for the two lefthanders, who gave her a really hard time when they couldnt even hold the hook.  There was a lot of laughter but they eventually both found a method of their own. Only thing is they couldnt do the turning, so by the next meeting they may have a line of crochet about a mile long.

As is always the case Joan, who always says she can't do it no matter what we are doing
made a successful start on this bag. 

The saga is to be continued.

Oh yes, one thing that did throw us all was a crocheted, what looked like a shrug in brown and blue,that Melvyn picked up in the Hospice Charity Shop.  No matter how we tried it on it didnt look right.  Perhaps thats why it was in the charity shop.  No picture as I forgot to take one, but we couldnt believe it when a label inside said Marks & Spencer Per Una.
Anyone got any clues as to how to wear it and can you send us a photo if you do know.


  1. This looks like a lovely sharing project.
    I'm afraid I'm going to have to learn from You Tube.Nobody would have the patience to teach me.!!!

    1. A friend who has a left-handed daughter said she will show me Judy. Otherwise I will just have one long string of crochet. Haha

  2. What a brilliant idea. I've taught a few in my time but never in a group like that. Looks like great fun.
    A x

  3. HI,

    Great to see this. Thanks for the mention! Always nice to see people together with the same interests.


  4. That large flower doily in the right hand corner of your first pic is absolutely gorgeous, it is hard to believe that someone could crochet such an intricate and delicate piece. The group sound like a fun one. x

    1. It is Anne, we've been meeting for about 15 years and last year gained 3 new members. They like the relaxed atmosphere. I might do a blog about how we were formed, what we get upto and about the members.

  5. How bizarre - I commented early this morning but it's not here.......?
    I glad you have a lovely group of ladies to learn from and with. I hope you're enjoying it Lynn. Can we look forward to a Ta-dah moment in the near future? ;)
    I have referred folk to YouTube as I wouldn't be able to teach anyone myself - don't have the patience, haha.
    Also want to add that I got my parcel today - AWESOME stuff, thank you very much Lynn

    1. Glad you like it Mo and I hope the teachers enjoy their personalised notebooks.

  6. That is so cool!! It's nice to see people get together and share their talents like this. I remember attempting crochet as a wee kid... never took to it. I bet I'd enjoy it as an adult though. You are very blessed to have such a group like this!

    1. Thanks Tracy yes we have some good fun, learn a thing or two and have some great outings