Sunday, 27 May 2012

A new string to my bow......

I had a wonderfully relaxing day with my friends Susan & Ruth
 as they attempted to teach me the art of stamping.
 Susan was brilliant at showing me all the different techniques and tools available for this massively popular craft.
 But you can see as usual I went off doing my own thing. In the end I only used one stamp, a blue ink pad and a set of alphabet stamps with a black ink pad.
Of course the Doodly Birds would not be left out of the fun.  To get the four birds I drew them on the four square pad with my black Pilot fineliner then quickly transfered the images onto the blue stamped background. Taa-dah here are the results.
We had tea and cupcakes when we arrived, followed by a cooked lunch and  my contribution, homemade vanilla & meringue ice cream. We finished the day with  more cupcakes and a cuppa.

Thank you Susan I really enjoyed myself and learned a new craft in great company. 
Watch out Tracy I think Sue's making a takeover bid.
Lynn xx


  1. Sounds like so much fun. I'm not much into stamping either.Probably just need to see someone doing it.

  2. Good Morning :D
    Doodly stamps! Awesome! :0)
    But I am confused tho' (easy) I don't understand how you drew onto an inkpad ? I thought a stamp consisted of a block of some kind, wooden plastic, acrylic which got pressed onto an ink pad.
    Sorry to be dim
    Mo xx

    1. The stamp pad I used was a block of four flat squares. First I inked it up with the blue, stamped it on the paper, then cleaned the stamp with baby wipes.
      As the stamp squares were flat squares I could draw on them with my black ink pen then stamp it on top of the the blue squares on the paper. The design stayed on the pad until I cleaned it off. I just kept going over it with my pen to re-ink it.
      Hope I haven't confused you even more Mo. X

    2. Oh I see - that's awesome Lynn! Very Clever :) Perfect for you clever folks that can draw of course :D
      Thanks for the clarity - I'll sleep better now - haha ;)

  3. Hi Lynn,

    Welcome to the wonderful world of stamping! It is very addictive. I love your cards, they would make nice notelets. Not going to say any more than I already have about using your talent............crafty hugs, Anne x

  4. Glad you enjoyed it. Just had some more strawberries with your delicious ice cream.x