Saturday, 12 June 2021

I’ll leave you to it …… I said

Friday morning was disappointingly dull and cool and my plans
to visit Levens Hall were scuppered when I went online to book
my entrance ticket to the house and gardens only to discover they
don’t open Friday & Saturday.

Not to be deterred I decided to venture down to Grange over Sands
for a mooch round the charity shops while the wandering welder
cracked on with his job replacing the wooden skirting boards on the

For those concerned about his back, he has his support belt on.
What a trooper.

Four hours later I reappeared after booking Sunday lunch in our
favourite pub, The Royal Oak at Lindale.

From there I drove down to Grange, got the food essentials in the
little Tesco then popped into the local electric shop for a new toaster.

Sometime later I reappeared with a grand haul from the charity

A pretty little weave bag for £1.50

Get a hat, stop the sun making your hair any blonder, said
longtime friend and hairdresser and mother to two of
my lovely godchildren.

So I did, it was 50p.

Then I found this jug

and a beautifully made M&S jacket for £5

This vintage cotton Indian dress I’m going to wear as a summer coat.

And finally a Monsoon dress with the original labels attached.
I’ve hardly any dresses that are plain coloured so the plan
is to wear patterned jackets, coats and cardies over the top.

The charity shop gods were looking down on me today.

When I arrived back the wandering welder had finished his task.
He’s a clever chap.

His reward ?
A very smart jumper from the chazzer at a grand cost of £1.70,
looks like new and he was thrilled to bits with it.

Saturday it’s the turn of the men to meet up again after not
seeing each other for sometime.  Appropriately enough they
will be having a few pints in The Old Friends pub before a
chippy tea sat out in the garden.


  1. You had a nice relaxing time and found some goodies at great prices.

    1. I did thanks Terra. It’s been a longtime coming x

  2. It's a good thing Levens Hall had to be booked in advance, or you might have turned up there and found it closed ... I'm talking from experience here :-)
    Fabulous charity shop haul, love the little bag and the jug in particular! xxx

    1. Im saving the Levens Hall the outing for when my Mum and sister are here in September. I know they would both enjoy it.
      Couldn’t believe what bargains I got Ann, lots of things half price or just 50p. Best haul I’ve had in a long time. xxx

  3. Hello, I just wanted to drop by and check out your world-lovely morning and great charity shop haul. I really like the use of the Indian frock as a duster-Great idea! Take care, Terri

    1. Thanks Terri and thank you for dropping by.
      Have a great week
      Lynn x

  4. Your holiday caravan looks lovely - great to have somewhere to take off to for a change of scenery. That's what we are thinking of buying although the site fees in Cornwall are ridiculous - I think they must be trying to recoup money lost from Covid so might have to wait a couple of years for it all to calm down.

    1. Ours is over 24 years old and we have has it 14 years. Fortunately we had a refund on the fees this year because of a short season in 2020. I think our fees are around £2k for March-November if that’s anything for you to go by xx

    2. That's what we were expecting the fees to be but in Cornwall they seem to have jumped to around 4k and one site was 6k!!

  5. You have grandchildren? How lovely. What are their ages and do they live close by? I think you were very lucky with your chazza haul. Great job on the skirting, especially with a dodgy back!

    1. Haha that should have said godchildren. They are 22 and 18. Just two of the many I have. I’m very blessed to have been chosen to pay such a role in their lives.
      First charity shop haul in a while and yes I was lucky as it was mainly all half price xx

  6. It's an ill wind and all that! Levens Hall being shut wrked to your advantage, look at all that charity shop swag! The Indian cotton dress looks brilliant as a coat and the bag and hat are both things I'd have snaffled. Loving the look of that bit of kantha, too! Well done Philip on getting those repairs done, the caravan looks great and Frida is a perfect match! xxx

    1. I did feel guilty for a nanosecond for going to the chazzers without Philip but he was happy with the jumper and treats I brought him.
      I’ll show you the kantha robe I bought when I get home and can put an outfit together. It is lovely. I can’t find anything about the Indian Cotton dress label. I’ll keep searching and I am thrilled to bits to get so many lovely bargains. xxx

  7. Lynn, this was so fun to read! I love a good charity shop find and you found some amazing pieces! I love that dress worn as a summer jacket. I love to wear shirt style dresses that way. And that little red wicker bag is absolutely darling. Gah, now I have the urge to go digging through the thrift shops here, but I do it too often already! Thanks so much for popping by and joining my link party!