Friday, 7 May 2021

Lockdown Diary …. There’s plan afoot

Do you know the song .. WHAT A DIFFERENCE A DAY MAKES,
24 little HOURS

Well on Wednesday we were able to put all the garden stuff straight
that had blown over and got smashed.  It was even sunny enough to
sit out, albeit with my woolly cardie and tights on.
(Charity shop frock and handmade cardigan from Stockport vintage market)

This week saw the 22nd birthday of Sofia my beautiful goddaughter.
He she is a few years ago ready for her school prom.

Back in the craftroom I’ve been experimenting with threads and dissolvable
fabric on the sewing machine. This is my second attempt, the first bowl
I made was a bit floppy because I washed out too much of the adhesive.

If you fancy a go, here’s a link to a You Tube how to video

We are getting quite excited now about the forthcoming visit of
my sister Jill from Oxford.  We haven’t seen her since October.
Normally she would have been home for Christmas and mum
would have been to stay with her several times during the year.

So I’m making plans and getting things booked.  We will be having
a meal at our favourite restaurant which is due to reopen on the 17th.
Then there’ll be a girlie meet up with a friend at our go to place, 
Park Farm Tearoom.

On the Saturday we have a tickets for Grayson Perry’s Art Club exhibition
at Manchester Art Gallery. Our slot is 2pm. It’s very well organised.
We watched both series during lockdown and loved it.

Speaking of art did you watch this weeks Sewing Bee on BBC 1,
they had to make an outfit based around the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.
I thought they could have been more flamboyant. Not that I could do any better.
 I enjoyed watching it though.

It seems strange booking trips out.  Exciting but with a touch of nervousness
thrown in.

We've even got tickets to see one of our favourite bands in June.
Because we know the layout of the theatre and it’s table seating I
somehow feel quite comfortable with that one.  

Look at us two, proper groupies in 2017.

How are you feeling about going out into the world again.
Have you anything booked yet.

Take care.  Have a lovely weekend.

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  1. I’m chuckling at your question about booking will guess that we are desperate to get away in our new motor home and hubby booked a weekend away this week only to find the weekend he has booked is the weekend he’s helping our daughter move their business to a bigger unit....back to the drawing board!! We will get there I’m sure. 😀😀
    Annie x

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  3. It's exciting finally being able to book meals and trips out. Daughter D is 17 on the 19th May so we have a table booked at the Hotel in our village for a meal - so looking forward to it. Daughter S is coming back for a few days for D's birthday and I think she is planning to be out every night with different friends!

  4. It would be nice to get away but it's difficult for us now my mum is needing more help but who knows. The weather is still up and down here too. It was sunny when we took the dogs out this morning but we were all soaking wet by the time we got back. That's a beautiful photo of you with your Goddaughter and hope she has a lovely birthday.Loving the bowl too. Have a lovely weekend, Angela xXx

  5. Such an upbeat post! Things are looking up! You have so much nice things planned. I looked up My Darling Clementine and am listening to their music at I type. I am impressed with the list of places they perform. Europe and the US!
    Your goddaughter is very pretty. A very happy birthday to her. Soon you will have a more recent picture.
    I am amazed by your bowl. I must look at that closer, and watch the video.
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Keep smiling,

  6. Not booked to go away but booked Macbeth in grounds of Shrewsbury castle and a Music of the Night event at the theatre with Annie - fingers crossed. We have to get back to normal don't we! xx Jo

  7. Well we haven't booked any outing yet. Living where we do, we don't feel the need to get out so much. There certainly are any big 'gigs' to get excited about, though there are quite a few very good singers who work the circuit of the bars, and we do sometimes go to listen to them. It is still chilly in the evenings even though the days are really warm now, so we are hoping it warms up at night enough to sit outside to listen to some of the singers.
    Your visit from your sister sounds like it will be lots of fun. Enjoy! Kate x

  8. I don't book anything and I probably won't be going out again any time soon after getting food poisoning the first time I ate out in over a year. However, it appears you will be enjoying yourself when your sister arrives. I hope you enjoy yourself. I like that thread painted bowl. It is cleverly shaped, too. Have a great Friday and weekend, dear.

  9. wow that bowl is everything. We are flying home, I wish it was for a happier occasion, Paul’s dad is dying so we had to get special permission from the Japanese government which was a nightmare, but we managed.
    So we are going to stay in a covid hotel for 10 days and then stay at my mums I suppose I get to see her this way. My head is full of mixed emotions at the moment. Still what can we do. Take care and keep safe

    1. So sorry to hear your news. Travel safely and keep in touch xxx

  10. I'm glad to hear you were able to "put the garden to rights" and even sit out in it, even if you had to layer up. I can't believe the difference with last year, when by this time we had been able to have breakfast in the garden several times.
    Happy belated birthday to Sofia! What a gorgeous girl she is!
    I love your experiments with the bowls. And how exciting your sister is coming over from Oxford. I'm sure you'll enjoy every moment! xxx

  11. Happy belated birthday to lovely Sophia!
    I love that bowl, what a clever sausage you are!
    I'm glad the garden survived the inclement weather.
    We've booked a flight for the Autumn and I'm keeping everything crossed. I can't wait to get back inside a National Trust property and am itching to visit Walsall Art Gallery and see the paintings that have been part of my life since I was a child. I've missed them! xxx

    1. Fingers crossed for your Autumn holiday. We are hoping to visit my sister in August thought we could pop in and see you on the way down xx