Monday, 22 February 2021

Not going out out kind of weekend

Not going out, outfit of the day

Toast dress 2020
Cardigan from 2x2 boutique in Ulverston, Cumbria
Fly London boots
Antique full length cotton petticoat 
Daisy brooch gifted by The Queens Drawers vintage trader

I did go out, but not out out as in to the pub.  I drove Mum to our
favourite farm shop to pick up some shopping for our neighbours
who are in their 90’s.  They love the currant teacakes and trifles.

Now the pensive look could be mistaken for being sad.
The truth is I was deciding whether to let the wandering welder have
the crust off the end of the freshly baked loaf I bought.

In the end it was a no brainer.  I’d rather give him my last Rolo than
let him have it heehee.

I said to Philip can you fix the little stool please.
It’s one I bought years ago from an antique shop in Kendal
for the grand price of £4.50

I bet the stuff he’s mending it with cost more than that.
Look at the name of it - Sticks Like Sh*t

Today I’m digging out some equipment I’ll need for an online
course I’m starting with textile artist Jayne Emerson.

And I’m carrying on with a February challenge set by Jayne.
I’m revisiting some of my old creative pieces triggered by a theme
everyday.  The word for this one is “Reverse”

Actually that’s Tuesday’s theme, so I’m in front of myself.

Thanks for popping by.
Let’s hope Boris gives us some good news later today.
Keep smiling, spring is on its way.
The crocus are out.


  1. That Toast dress you wore for not going out is gorgeous. I always do dress up, even for not going out. Lounging around in pj's, or worse: leisure wear, would make me feel terrible.
    I just knew you wouldn't let Philip have that crust. Jos would prefer the Rolo anyway, so it would be a no-brainer for me too :-)
    I hope Sticks Like Sh*t does what it's supposed to do.
    Keeping my fingers crossed for what BoJo's got to say for himself! xxx

  2. That Toast dress is fabulous on you and the cardi couldn't be a more perfect match.
    What?! You don't cut the crust in half and share it?
    How lovely that you shop for the neighbours.
    We could do with some stick like s***, there's always some Heath Robinson type contraption going on here with chairs and books being put into play to hold the glued stuff in place.
    Love your reverse patchwork! xxx