Wednesday, 13 January 2021

What’s on your workdesk Wednesday ..... Week 606

Don’t faint Julia ..... but here’s a picture of my desk haha. Can’t remember the last time that made an appearance here.

The thing is I decided rather than have three rooms that are a tip ... craft room, office and back bedroom,  I’d cut it down to two and clear up my craft room as it’s a nice place to be.

When I’m brave enough or drunk I’ll show you the absolute shambles we call the office.  

There’s every chance the channel 5 Hoarder programme will feature us in an episode, as there’s only about an inch of space on the floor in there now.  Shameful !

On my desk there’s three images of women at work, that I found in my favourite online shop  

They are prints but have the texture of real paintings.  There’s something about them that draws me in, so I’m going to prop them in front of me and use them for inspiration.

With them are two antique children’s garments, I’ve had for some time  that I’m going to stitch words and patches onto.  I have a little collection of them can you see them on the trellis wall. They’re mounted on old tapestry frames.

All the fiffing and faffing about I've been doing is bringing out my creative side.  It’s a place I haven’t visited for some time and I’m feeling quite excited.  

I’m not rushing down the path to it though, I’m just meandering along seeing where it takes me.

Hope you’ll come back and see where I end up.

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Stay safe and stay home if you can.
Thanks to everyone who popped by last week


  1. Ah Lynn - thanks for your lovely comments. Your craft room is an absolute delight - I am sure I could spend many a happy hour there. I love that beautiful bottle garden too - it reminded me of when I was teaching and we used to make little bottle gardens in big sweetie jars - the perfect way to demonstrate the water cycle!! Stay safe lovely lady. xx Jo

  2. Ooh Lynn, what a fascinating room you have. I can imagine sitting for hours and looking around whilst being inspired by all your beautiful displays.
    I remember seeing your air plant in another post of yours, it was a recent gift - right? It fits in just beautifully in your room.
    Stay safe and well and never change
    Hugs, Neet 17 xx

  3. Oh Lynn your rooms are so inspiring. I could spend many a happy hour in there. The children's garments are simply beautiful as are the photos....I imagine myself back then sitting for hours hand sewing.
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog today...I've just spent and hour looking through my fabrics. I can't find anything cream and floaty but I think I've found something that might do the job....we will see [or maybe you wont if it fails hopelessly lol
    Annie x #11

  4. I love the Linen Garden. I'm always swooning over her artisan bags!Love your craft room. Might one of the wee garments be a christening robe?Good Wednesday to you, Lynn and thank you for visiting

  5. I think your rooms are absolutely beautiful, I love the way you have such lovely things on display! It looks very cold out of your window, you’ve had worse weather than us down in mild South Wales. The little linen garments are so sweet, I look forward to seeing what you do with them - you do the sort of creating that I love but would never attempt, too hamfisted!
    Hugs LLJ 15 xxx

  6. Your room is always so beautiful and inspiring. I love your style and panache in displaying and arranging your wonderful treasures. I also have wall envy - mine are only about 4 foot tall then turn into the sloping ceiling as I'm in the roof, so I have very little storage or display space.
    Hope you have a good week and you enjoy your creative journey, and thank you so much for your visit to my photography blog.
    Stay safe and well,
    Diana xx #25

  7. You’re craft room is a wonderful place to be, and your desk...I nearly passed out! Seriously, it’s just lovely to see you thinking about doing something.. take your time, you’ll come across something you’d like to have a go at, I’m sure Jan’s DIB thing is a very sensible approach to having a go at stuff, don’t you think. Your office sounds like what we call a ‘room of shame’. All the stuff and absolutely no reason or inspiration to sort it. I’ve dealt with mine, just the under stair cupboard to go now, which is really desperate...yesterday I practically had to force the door shut having wedged the Hoover back in there. I have to get really fed up with it though, before action occurs! Take care.

  8. Hello Lynn, I have no idea why but for some reason your blog always displays on my screen at mega size which makes it a challenge to view (I know, go figure someone saying the text is too BIG!!). I'm glad I persevered however your room is so pretty it looks like it came from a magazine!! We too have an office which I don't use (well I do have my own room). It's pretty small and hubby and daughter have indulged the most precarious vertical storage systems you can imagine. One day when I'm really, really bored I may have to go in and sort it out!!Happy WOYWW, stay well, stay safe, love n hugs Cindy #14 xx

  9. Your room is curated like a museum - it's a visual feast and I always like to pop in to see what there is. If my room looked like that I would just want to go in and sit and gaze about me, quietly and peacefully. It is stunning.

    Happy WOYWW, with a late start
    Mary Anne (1)

  10. So many lovely things to look at. Great for inspiration, I'm sure. After looking at these lovely photographs, I've realised that I need to get more things on my workroom wall! Thanks! Liz

  11. Hi Lynn. What a lovely room to work in - a great view out of the window - probably even better when it isn't pouring with rain - and plenty to gaze at inside the window! Well done on your sorting and tidying. I'm sure the office will get that treatment too... Lovely baby garments - I have the old family heirloom christening gown - not sure what to do with it was handmade by my great grandmother, or so far as family tradition tells me.
    Take care of yourself. God bless.
    Margaret #2

  12. Lynn, your workspace makes my heart sing. Such an inspiring place to be with so much to see, yet so tidy and organised. Well done! Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #3

  13. Hi Lynn, your work area is beautiful. I have a very similar chest of drawers in my craft room. All drawers full of course! Have a great week Angela #10

  14. I absolutely love your work room. So gorgeous, such lovely furniture and such lovely things on the walls! Happy WOYWW. Take care and stay safe. With love & God Bless, Caro xxx (#13)

  15. I think your craft room looks great. Friends of mine (who haven't even seen mine but heard me talk about it) threaten to send in the Hoarder crew.... take care and stay safe, we will defeat the Hoarders together. Helen #4

  16. I could spend hours just fiffing and faffing in your wonderful craft room, Lynn. So many fascinating bits and bobs to look at and play with! As for the Hoarders programme, I do believe we might be in the same boat :-) xxx

  17. Hi Lynn, thank you so much for your visit, you say the nicest things. I have thought for a while about starting a bobbin board on Pinterest, but you've gently nudged me to do it - there aren't many photos but I've put the ones I have on their own board now.
    Thanks again,
    Diana xx

  18. What a terrific space! So many pretty things to admire. my guest room has almost all of what was in the attic (I don't like trying to get things in and out from up there anymore) and it looks like a hoarder lives in there too :) Fiffing and faffing is a fun alternative to puttering and shifting. That Mojo is working it's creative magic ~ go with it! enjoy your week ~ Love, Karen #30

  19. Lynn, you had me chuckling out loud!! Too funny! I would love to see the drunken caption, that would be hysterical!!! I dare say we ALLLLL have a room like that that would only be shown under the same conditions! LOLOL Too funny! Can I just say that your craft room is to die for! Sooooo super cute and would love, love to create in that special place! What a blessing! Love your inspirational photos and can't wait to see the stitching on those garments! Super cute! Have a great Wednesday, and stay safe and healthy! Felicia #33

  20. This is a beautiful place to be able to do your crafting and be inspired. I always find that January is a good time to reflect on last year's projects and rest though normally we would have been away skiing at the moment but obviously we are at home this year. I am a January baby so it fits in well for me as the month is named after the God Janus who had two faces, one that looks forward and one that looks back...well that's my excuse anyway. Take care and have a lovely creative week, Angela x23x

  21. Oh wow yes it's lovely and very tidy and you still have room to hang your crafty makes. I HOPING TO USE UP ALL THE HANGING THINGS IN MY ROOM TO GIVE ME THE FALSE SENsE OF A BIGGER SPACE...(sorry, new laptop, can't see the silver keys and it takes me ages, so that will just have to stay there! (I'm not really shouting!) Have a great crafty week Stay Safe, Happy WOYWW!? ((Lyn)) #21

  22. What a cheerful and inspiring workspace!

  23. wow! We’re as mine looks like a tornado came through and came back for seconds! No wonder I sit looking at the koi pond so much and even they are hiding from the chaos of my house. I will get there one day haha I say that every day !

  24. well that is a busy craft room and love all the things on the walls. I am sure you get lots of inspiration in there

    Take care and stay safe, Lilian B #7

  25. Hello Lynn, it's so nice to see your desk again and your room is looking fantastic. I'd love to spend an hour or two there, soaking up the creativity in display. I'm sure I'd leave full of inspiration. The tiny vintage garments are delightful and I love those photos - they give me some idea of what one of my ancestors working conditions would have been like - she was a staymaker (corsets). (I like to think she was the Michelle Moan of her day 😊). Have an inspired and crafty week. Elizabeth x #32

  26. Oh my goodness, such a lovely room! I'm in oooh and aah about the furniture, the atmosphere, the things on the wall...! It should be inspiring just to sit at the table... have fun picking up whatever craft or thing that fits you and I'm curious to see what you come up with. Stay healthy and safe dear, hug from the Netherlands! Marit #31

  27. I think I'd beat you to it on the hoarding programme, Lynn. My studio is a disgrace and I really need to get in there and sort out the chaos! Your room in this week's photos is just fabulous and I am green with envy - wish mine was half as pretty! It has such a restful atmosphere about it and filled with so many treasures.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi x #28

  28. It looks absolutely gorgeous, no wonder inspiration has struck! The lamp is really catching my eye, I don't remember seeing that beauty before! xxx

    1. The base is a charity shop find and I got the shade of a girl who used to trade at Stockport Vintage. I can’t remember her name though. She makes shades using vintage fabrics xxx