Thursday, 22 March 2018

How’s your endorphins

I don’t know whether it’s the promise of 
British summer time around the corner
or whether I’m coming out of the fog 
I’ve been in for the past few months.

but I can feel the creative endorphins 
kicking in.

Ive been looking at the book bags that 
I made last year for some of my special books 

and I think I might make some more or maybe 
I’ll make some more crazy paving ribbon

Let’s hope that the sun will have his hat on soon 
and brighten us all up.
Happy weekend 
Lynn xx

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  1. I love it when creativity strikes after a long absence! Both your book covers and bunting are absolutely wonderful and the clock pocket is fantastic. xxx

    1. Thank you Vix. The boring paperwork and other things have kicked in today but at least tonight we have our niece's dance show to look forward to, its always amazing xxx

  2. I love books, my blogs not called Book Magpie for nothing so i love your book bags. I admire anyone who can use a sewing machine to sew more than just a straight line.

    thanks for visiting.
    have a great week

  3. Your first picture is so appropriate for me this morning Lynn. I’ve always been able to say I’ve never caught my finger under my sewing machine....til now!! I caught my finger by my nail, it made me feel sick and I nearly fainted....I won’t be doing that again in a hurry!! ....and yes I was brave x
    Annie x

  4. So anxious for spring here. Sunshine today rain and snow tomorrow. I actually do more crafting in the winter time than I do in the summer. Love those bookbags and your bunting.
    Blessings always, Betsy

  5. Let's hope that Summer Time (British or otherwise) brings us some Spring weather soon. I need to come out of the fog too. I'm sure I'll have emerged by June! Love your book covers, and I've got some similar suitcases (but without the bunting). Your photo with the gnome looking up at you is priceless! xxx

  6. I don't know what the weather will be like in the short term as they keep saying there will be more snow Lol! but I can understand why you are fed-up with it. I love the snow when we are away skiing but that's where it should stay up a mountain far away! Lets hope the weather men are wrong and spring is on it's way. Happy crafty weekend, Angela xxx

  7. Oh my goodness, your sweater is delightful. I love how pretty all of your outfits are and how you have colored shoes to match everything. Your closet must be so much fun to open each morning.

  8. I would give anything for a bit of moisture, but I don't want your cold and snow. I hope it stays away.

    I simply adore your bag and your altered sweater. It must be fun to customize your wardrobe.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend and Friday night, too.

  9. I am glad your creativity is returning. It is lovely to see what you have made. I am sure some better weather would lift all our spirits. Hears hoping we have some sunshine over Easter. Kate x