Monday, 29 May 2017

My magic wardrobe

Cardigan £2.70    Broderie Anglaise blouse £3

Are you sitting comfortably
Then I'll begin

Once upon a time there was a 61 and three quarters year 
old lady  who couldn't pass a charity shop without going in

Belt £1     Top £2

One day a man stopped her on the street and told her he followed 
her Instagram page.  Don't worry she's known him for years.
He said "I hope you don't mind me asking, but where do you put
all your clothes, you seem to have an awful lot".

This lovely top was £2.70

I have a magic wardrobe I told him that swallows it all up.
Its like Narnia.

Jumper with lace undershirt attached £5
it still had its original label of £25 attached

It matters not whether he thinks I'm loopy or not.
He probably thinks I am anyway as I was dancing down the street 
at the time he saw me.

Shrug £2

The magic thing about charity shop shopping 
is that I can find a weeks worth of outfits most times for less than a meal out
Even the wandering welder husband is a canny shopper 

Shirt £1

Not only that I am recycling.

Create Recycle Everyone And Together Improve Our Nation

I made that saying up years ago when I was recycling things I found on the 
moorland near me and made it into art work.

Thanks for popping by
Lynn x



  1. ...and they lived happily ever after and looked fabulous whilst doing it!
    What a gorgeous selection of his and hers outfits. I can vouch for them being neatly stored and there's no chance of the pair of you being smothered in an avalanche of vintage clobber! xxx

  2. This 55 and three quarters year old lady is being asked the same question, regularly, and in spite of the amount of clothes I keep buying, I usually find space for it all, so I think I have a magic wardrobe too. I am also being asked if Dove Cottage has "elastic walls"! You're certainly looking fabulous as ever, Lynn, and it's clear that you are in a pink mood! xxx

  3. This keeping her age under her hat lady thinks you have some superb stuff on show and is quite envious of your purchases.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  4. I need a magic wardrobe! Charity shops are too tempting to resist. So much more fun to go treasure hunting in than high street shops.