Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Nearly forgot to put my clothes on

 It's been a bit busy around our house 
and I've forgotten to update the wardrobe blog. 

So here's a few recent finds, like this Tree People dress picked up in the charity shop
for £8.  It still had its original label on of £95 with reductions down to £30.

I wouldn't have paid £95 for it, I'd want a full wardrobe for that.
The knitted top came in at £3.49 and the vintage petticoat came from 
Garbo Antiques at Stockport Vintage Village last year.

This Ginzi blouse again £3.49, I thought about parting with it then realised
it went beautifully with the orange H&M skirt £4 and wool cardigan picked up on the £2.50 rail 
at Todmorden secondhand market.  Friend Julie made me the fabric brooch.

The preloved skirt, bought from Alice Fulljames of
is one of her own which she was getting rid of.

It goes great with  my vintage Wolsely jacket and Fly London boots.
After I had taken the photo I added a brown leather belt, another charity shop find.

Sunday I had a day out with Mr Dapper Chap at
Hebden Bridge Vintage Fair in Yorkshire.

and got this lovely 1950's barkcloth dress 
from Maggie of Garbo Antiques and 
Stockport Vintage Village.

Again it goes with another of my little vintage jackets.

Think that's it for now.
I'm in my messy missus outfit today as 
I'm clearing up my workroom in order for me to
start a new project.


  1. I am in total love with the Scarlet Sometimes maxi skirt. *sighs* Following that gal's blog now too.

  2. Quintessential fashionista. I used to enjoy dressing up but find that the older I get, the more stressful it becomes so i use one purse until it wears out, a few pairs of sandals in summer, boors in winter and a few simple dresses and cardigans. However, i ALWAYS always accesorize with jewelry, earrings and pendants are a must in my wardrobe. Love tge vintage barkcloth dress and the purple and red combo outfit you put together. Keep it up.

  3. Love all of your bargains - and what bargains they are - cannot believe the £95 dress purchase for £8 - wow - bet you skipped home with that one.
    Thanks for the fashion show.
    Hugs, Neet 1 xx

  4. Now, I'm sure you've even got more cardies than I do, Lynn. Love the Ginzi blouse (glad you haven't got rid of it), and that fabulously colourful maxi skirt. Also love your outfit for the vintage fair. I was going to ask you to add that dress to my pile, but I can't close my wardrobe doors as it is. Sigh. By the way, we were seriously considering a detour from Wales, but it's a 4 and half hour drive! We could meet somewhere in the middle and to a swap over of our stuff ;-) xxx

  5. What a fabulous wardrobe round-up. Loving the colourful maxi with the Wolsey jacket - do you reckon the skirt came from Goa? It looks like it might have done! The People Tree dress is lovely, that pretty underskirt really shows off the embroidery on the bodice.
    Ginzi is a suburb of Toyko. I wonder if Suzy Loves Milo have got anything with the same label - they have a lot of Japanese labels, don't they?
    Gorgeous photo of the pair of you! Can't wait to see you! xxx

  6. Such fabulous outfits! You have a wonderful eye for a bargain - I love the floral dress!
    Katie :) xxx