Friday, 14 April 2017

My Money For Nothing Chair

 Did you catch the MONEY FOR NOTHING programme
on BBC 1 at 3.45pm on Thursday ?

The presenter Sarah Moore who is a designer/maker/writer

visits council tips and grabs things out of peoples cars that 
she thinks can be upcycled into something new.

She rescued this chair and footstool from Witley Council Tip.

 Using a charity shop find tweed coat along with other fabric pieces 
from her vast stash of cloth Sarah

upcycled it into this beauty which now lives cosily in our kitchen.
Can you see the coat sleeves at the front and the pocket on the side.
It even has the coat button holes, they run down side as well.

After deducting the cost of materials the profit of the sale was
given to the man who was putting the chair in the skip in the first place.

Everyone is happy and its a great piece of recycling.
Where else would we have got such a great chair for £220.

It is such a talking piece and I was mega excited watching the programme.
The pictures are what I took with my iphone while watching.

And no I don't keep the remote in the pocket on the side of the chair.
I stash bars of chocolate in it.  haha.


  1. Oh're famous (well your chair is at least). I'm planning on recovering some chairs over Easter so I just might take before and after shots to share with you.
    I love your chair by the's very you.
    Annie x

  2. I saw it! I loved how she positioned those button holes, kept the pocket for extra storage and absolutely adored the choice of vintage fabrics.
    What a great price your chair was, too! Absolute bargain for a piece of bespoke furniture. xxx

  3. Hi Lynn, When I am at home I always watch this programme. And so I did this morning. Coincidentally I had to think of you when I saw the tweed coat. Since you like vintage I thought it would suit you. NevEr thought a chair could be updated with it. Love it. Have a great Easter weekend. Adrianne (from

  4. Wow! What a lovely chair. So original! No, I didn't see the program of course being in Spain, and unfortunately I can't see it online either. Somehow they can tell whether I am in the UK or not.... I would have loved to see it. I like things like that. Making something beautiful and unique out of things people discard.
    Have a lovely Easter weekend,

  5. I saw it!! Yessss! This morning at 8.15 local Dutch time :-) A great job Sarah did, loved her stash too ;-)
    Your chair is wonderfull, you´re lucky!
    Have a great Easterweekend, I think we can wear our wellies and a warm sweater,

  6. We don't get much TV out here but I have seen that a coupe of times. It is an interesting idea, and I love your chair. It looks so warm and welcoming. Enjoy relaxing in it over the Easter break. Kate x

  7. I saw your chair last night (we'd programmed it). How fascinating, and what a transformation! I love it that she used an old tweed coat, she must have known that you would buy it ;-) xxx

  8. I just popped over to look after your blog after seeing it tagged on Vintage Vixon and I've enjoyed reading it, being into all things upcycled myself! I love the chair, it looks stunning. Best wishes, Sally x

  9. Fabulous! Loved the upcycle. Now you have a famous chair that has been on TV. You are famous as well. Congratulations!
    Hugs, Neet xx

  10. Hi Lynn, the chair is brilliant! I normally watch the programme but think we were out shopping, will have to get it on catch-up. Thanks for the visit to mine and Happy Easter, Angela xXx