Tuesday, 4 April 2017

It's curtains for the welder.....

 I sat on my little stool waiting patiently for Mr Dapper Chap
welder man to put in an appearance for our trip over to 
our favourite haunt of Todmorden in Yorkshire.

Had to wait that long I debated whether to change my outfit or not 
but in the end decided to stick with my charity shop find tweed jacket, jumper and 
the vintage barkcloth skirt from Jane Hamilton at Stockport Vintage Village

The bag was made by a friend from a piece of fabric I got from 
The Linen Garden  www.thelinengarden.co.uk and a piece 
I found on the secondhand market.  Electric Blue tights and 
last years Clarks sandals finished the outfit off.

Well here he is at last outshining us all in his fabulous
charity shop waistcoat that he has had upcycled by adding
tweed and braid picked up from Beyond Measure in Todmorden

Friend Val who loves making things for us made 
Philip's bow tie and hankie to match

She made me this fabulous dress from a scrap piece I picked 
up for £2 on the secondhand market

and this is the other side of the bag she made 

This floral skirt was made by her from a curtain I picked up
in a charity shop.  Think you've seen it before.

If the welder keeps upstaging me it will be curtains for
him soon.  He's such a dandy


  1. You make a fine pair! As I just commented on Ann's blog, it wouldn't do for us vintage attired ladies to be accompanied by scruffs!
    I love everything you're wearing especially those blue tights. They look brilliant with the barkcloth skirt.
    See you on Sunday! xxxxx

    1. Isn't it nice that they like to dress up.
      See you Sunday Vix, cant wait. xxxx

  2. You two are flipping fabulous, love everything, Phils waistcoat and bow tie is so him, and your friends makes....wow, you're so lucky xxx

  3. What's your Instagram Lynn? I'd love to follow you there. I'm @porcelinasworld

    You both look wonderful!

    1. There's a link on the side of my blog that gets you there. I'll pop over to yours and follow you and thank you very much x

  4. You are making a great pair! But we can't have our men upstaging us, can we? Love the dress made from a scrap piece of fabric (please add to pile!) and your electric blue tights. I must have a similar pair somewhere ... xxx

  5. You two are terrific together! Love your floral bag and skirt. Thanks for linking up, xox


  6. What fantastic outfits! I only came for the welder's waistcoat and was treated to a delight beyond my wildest thoughts. Such beautiful outfits you have had made and put together - love the blue tights.
    Thanks Lynn
    Hugs, Neet xx
    ps I love the matching bags you have, they look fabulous!

  7. Lynn,
    Fabulous outfits as always.
    Katie x