Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Fashion On The Ration

The latest issue of Reclaim magazine fell on the mat this weekend
and we discovered that at the Imperial War Museum in Salford, Manchester
there is an exhibition on until 1st May about fashion during World War Two.

No rationing in my wardrobe so I chose a vintage
overall to wear for our trip out.

I don't think I looked to shabby and in fact we were the only
people there to have made an effort to dress for the occasion.


Taking photographs wasn't brilliant as the lighting was very low to protect
the fabulous fabrics and exhibits

It would appear that most women enjoyed the utilitarian clothes 
issued at the time as the quality was very good and although trousers were
frowned upon and said to be peculiar for a woman to wear, it was in fact
the start of things to come and very necessary then as women were
doing the work of the men in factories and on farms etc.

If you get a chance to see this exhibition go, its a real eye opener
as to what women wore, how and what the clothes were made from.
How they saved on materials by not allowing turn ups on mens trousers, 
only allowing a certain amount of pleats in garments and what went 
on with the black market and clothes coupons.  

If you can't get to see it, I would recomend this fab little book by 
Jean Shrimpton on the subject.  Its a quick read with lots of illustrations
and pictures. 

I looked at the official Fashion On The Ration book while we were
at the museum but I found it rather wordy and long with no pictures.

Can't go without showing you Mr Dapper Chap's outfit 
for the occasion can I.

One snippet I found fascinating was that women were allowed to carry white
handbags and were white accessories like a corsage so that they could be 
seen in the black outs.


  1. That looks like a fascinating exhibition. Your photos are great despite the dull lighting. I can understand why they do that but it's so frustrating!
    Looking marvellous, the pair of you. I'm glad we were born when we were, i couldn't have coped with rationing! xxx

  2. Looks cool! Thank you for sharing it.

  3. I would have loved to go to that exhibition! You certainly dressed the part for it. When I saw that photo of you standing in front of your rail of clothes, I seriously doubt that I have more clobber than you do. We'll have to make a detour when we're in Wales and check it out ;-) xxx

    1. I'd love you both to come on a visit, you would be more than welcome xx

  4. I would have loved this exhibition. The closest I get is watching 1940s movies on cable. You do that style so incredibly well. xxx

  5. Yes, it's great to reminisce but oh what a time to live through.The constraints on women would have been appalling.That exhibition would have been an eye opener.