Friday, 17 February 2017

Some fat bloke with no vest

 Happy nearly weekend day

 and the ladies over at Annie's Friday Smiles.

There's not much going on in the garden yet
other than these beautiful Snowdrops
that have been in there for years and we 
now have three clumps of them.

Apart  from that there's this crazy duck 
who looks like she has crashed in after 
a night of debauchery at a hen do

And there's this fat bloke with no vest on.
He must be frozen.  Although looking at his 
peeling skin he might have had to much sun.

So its over to Annie's now to see what 
she has to share with us.


  1. Oh Lynn you have made me chuckle this morning....fat bloke with no vest 😂😂😂😂😂 I love your post today. Thanks for sharing it.
    Annie x

  2. You got me smiling with your comments!
    I have been wearing my 45 year old Norwegian cardigan that my cousin gave me recently. I though of you. You would like that. I must try and find a way of getting a photo off to you so you can see. Otherwise I must remember to blog about it next week.

  3. Great post Lynn. It's a lovely day here today, I've even fed the fish a little bit as they are starting to become more active. Love your fat bloke too, very funny. I had to smile about Kikki, somewhere on my blog I have a photo of Maisie doing an interpretation of 'The Princess and the Pea'. She is the first female dog I've ever had and she is so different from the boys, 'a proper little madam'. Have a great weekend with lots more smiles, Angela xXx

  4. Hi Lynn,

    The snowdrop flowers look just beautiful. Those mittens you have on are wonderful colors! I love the silly duck and your caption is just too funny! You definitely brought a laugh out loud moment for me!

    Have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend!


  5. Hi Lynn, I was so relieved when I saw your fat bloke with no vest - it could have been so much worse! Our snowdrops are only in their second year so no lovely big clumps like yours, only a couple of teeny one but they can only get better as time goes on. And your debauched duck - hilarious! Have a lovely weekend. Elizabeth xx

    PS: Answer to your question on Wednesday ... the patchwork and quilting is all done on a sewing machine.

  6. I thought you'd had a night out in Walsall when I read the title. xxx

  7. Ah. Beautiful snowdrops. They are so small and shy but I love to see them breaking out of the winter garden. I had to smile at your other inhabitants, and you are right about the duck. looks as though he had a good night! Kate x

  8. I love snowdrops, especially as they're there for us to admire when nothing else is in bloom. Had a good chuckle when I saw the fat bloke with no vest on ;-) xxx