Monday, 20 February 2017

Feeling all Swedish in Yorkshire

On Saturday the wandering welder left me to my own devices so
I wandered over to my happy place - Todmorden in Yorkshire, 
a 20 minute drive over the border from home.

What a fabulous haul I got in the charity shops

The welder wanted to know if the jumpers were for him.
No, said I but I will share with you as long as you don't mind
the lumps in the front when I've had them on.

This little OXO tin wasn't to remarkable until I turned
it over and saw it had a best before date of 1998. 
For 99p it is now holding my 2017 cubes.

I popped into our favourite antique shop 
Picture House Antiques  where I found two super books.
Its not that long ago that we had a clog factory near to us, Walkley Clogs.
You could watch them making them.

As a child I remember people donkey stoning the steps.
We would wait for the rag n bone man to come around 
with his horse and cart and we would give him some old clothes in
swap for a donkey stone or a balloon.

The framed nursery rhyme is going on the bathroom wall.

I love this shop

Popped next door to the Old Coop for coffee and cake. 
 Have you ever had that feeling flow over you of 
"this is where I'm meant to be". Well Todmorden does it for me.  
The Swedish would call it "hygge". Seems that is this year's buzz word.

I'll show you the tweed jacket 
I picked up for £7 tomorrow

Thanks for popping by
Lynn x


  1. You did a cracking job shopping our tod in Todmorden! The jumpers are lovely colours and the scarf matches them a treat. No wonder the Welder wants to pinch them - lady lumps and all!

  2. I love all your finds, Lynn, especially the books and the framed nursery rhyme. Oh, how I'd love to go shopping in Todmorden. Looks like a fab little place! xxx