Friday, 6 January 2017

January is for .......

January is a time for kicking back and relaxing 
after the mayhem of the silly season

Its a time for planning the year ahead,  the treats, 
the jobs to be done, the garden, holidays

Its a time for staying cosy and warm and 
catching up on the books you got for christmas

For thinking about new hobbies or developing 
the ones you already have

Whatever you choose to do during this 
month of quiet, enjoy it


  1. What a lovely post Lynn. I'm doing my best to follow your example Lynn...planning ahead with crafty projects ✔️ Reading books ✔️Staying in cosy with fire on ✔️ Enjoying peace and can guess there's not much of that here but I think 3 out if 4 isn't bad lol
    Hope you're enjoying your January chill.
    Annie x

  2. Happy New Year. Not seen you around for a while, missed you on WOYWW. Love how you are starting to plan - enjoy your books.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  3. Talking of books we both absolutely love the India travel guide you sent us, it's like being transported to another world!
    Enjoy your planning and scheming, it will soon be Spring (I hope!) xxx

  4. Love your post, Lynn and the glimpse of your outfit in the first picture. Indeed, this is the time to catch up on some reading. I brought a whole box of books back from my dad's house, and there's still more to come. xxx

  5. A lovely post there Lynn and I agree with you. I love to plan the spring garden planting at this time of year. Being surrounded with seed catalogues, gardening books accompanied with tea, biscuits and a roaring fire equals pure bliss!

  6. Thank you for dropping by. I love this post. You're right January is a time to do all of those things!

  7. I'm with Ann, looks like a great outfit and I love the flowers in milk bottles too. Your January sounds wonderful, I want one of them! Mine is all visitors and visiting, most unusual. Normally I'm allowed to hibernate until March! Anyway enjoy your quiet time in your lovely home. Xxx