Friday, 20 January 2017

A little chuckle on a Friday .......

I came across one of my old blog posts this week which gave me a little chuckle
so I thought I would share it over at Annie's Friday Smiles this week.

I was laid up in bed with flu when I made this tag in 2013 for a 
weekly craft challenge called Tag Tuesday.

Needing a surface to put my craft stuff on I used my tea tray.
When I had finished faffing and cleared all my paraphenalia away
and was left with just the tag, it looked like it was part of the picture on the tray, 
so I used the tray as a backdrop for a photo.
Then my daft northern sense of humour kicked in and I came up with this verse.

What a week I said "Poor Me"
When the vicar came round for tea.

"Keep away from me" said He
"With your coughs and colds and sneezes"

"Oh, well" said I with a sigh
I hope you realise
That the cake will all be mine

I am glad to say that I recovered but I'm not going to bed with the flu again
I'll stick with the husband


  1. This is adorable. I like the lovely tag, but it does look like a wedding cake to me. And your poem had me smiling, too. That's truly, truly clever. Have a great Friday and weekend.

  2. Hehe I love it. Your tag and its back drop are perfect but I hope you manage to steer clear of any more flu.
    Annie x

  3. LOL I just love this, thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend. Love, Kirsten x

  4. I just love your northern humor. My sister has lived in the Macclesfield area since 1971 (well, not quite Lancashire of course) and I have lots of friends there too. I love the people and the humor. I totally get it!
    I love your tag on the tea tray and your beautiful bed with cushions.
    I hope you don't come down with anything this year.

  5. Hi Lynn,
    Your tag is very nice. I agree that it does look like a wedding cake. Very clever poem you came up with.

    Happy Friday and I hope you have lots to smile about over the weekend!


  6. Love the cake, and it does sit well on your tray too. Clever you to write poetry! Hope the flu has not come back to visit you - even if the vicar has! Kate xx

  7. Great post Lynn, the cake tag really does look part of the tray. I've got a bit of a cold at the moment and hoping it wont last long, they make you feel so yuck! Have a lovely weekend and thanks for the visit to mine. Angela xXx

  8. Love the wedding cake tag, it looks so elegant.
    The first thing to catch my eye was the bird pillow on the bed. Very cute.
    Have a wonderful week!

  9. That photo with the tag on the tea tray was cleverly done, and I love your poem! xxx

  10. What a pretty tag and what a cute little poem, made me smile as well as that charming couple on the last photo :)